Thursday, September 04, 2008

BoB CrumBs

SULLIVAN: "Daddy, how come evweetime I climb into bed on mommy's sidah, it's ahways cwumblie?"
Yeah, I've really got to kick the eating in bed at night habit, but come on, I am almost on one year of refraining from smoke and chokes, I barely drink, I am entitled to eat in bed--I have even eaten chili in bed. Ever since I was young I recall thinking to myself, and this is the truth, that when I am older, ...I am going to make chocolate chip cookies and eat the dough without baking the cookies...
I have done that.

...That I am going to eat snacks in bed, have breakfast for dinner, sleep with the closet light on, air conditioning on and window slightly open...
Yep, done all of those too.

...That I am going to have dinners in my bed besides just breakfast in bed...
Done that too.

But when your kid starts questioning those habits, well, it's time to stop.
Either that or cover it up neatly with many bibs.
Or not allow Sullivan on 'my side' of our bed.
SULLIVAN: "Mommy, whee does Daddy do the smoke? It's bad.He won't stop and we've asked him too like you've said."
MOMMY: "He will stop hunny, don't stop asking him, keep it up, politely of course, but he will stop and don't give up on asking him even if you've asked him 20x before. You know how sometimes when I ask you to pick up your toys and you don't do it the first time, the second time and sometimes the third time, but you eventually "hear" me and do what I asked- well it's kinda like that."
SULLIVAN: "picking up my toys isn't unhephry."
MOM: "It is because you're not giving your body exercises by moving around bending, twisting. You're not exercising your brain by remembering what bin the toys went in, what place they belonged in, you're not exercising your brain muscles--which is very unhealthy not to exercise your entire body."
SULLVIAN: "Will I die not picking up or wistening to you?"
MOM: "No, of course not," thinking, aww man where is this going? First the china probe, but next the questions on how death works. Death scares me, I'd rather talk about puberty to my children. Granted I haven't walked in those hairy hallways yet, still, he's four.
SULLIVAN: "But when I do I'll get to play with all the toys that BOB gives me up in heaven, or before that when you and Jack go on www.ebay.CON."
SULLIVAN: "Yeah, BOB, the guy that is everyones daddy forever even if they don't want him for a daddy.."

Well said Sully.
So what if he has the name wrong, he's got the reason down perfectly.
Sort of gives new meaning to "WHAT ABOUT BOB?"

Welcome To Crustybeef~
Good news is that bees don't like rain so I can walk past flowers
I wuv you so much that I could breathe
wallypopno, it's MINdah. (for the word, MINE)
If you buy the goguwt and win you get 5fousand dahwers in New York the next day, tomorrow.
When I was bigger I used to be an ant

I'll have more some other time.
He has some spark of a personality.
Strong as a whip, stubborn and trying of my patience, my coco puff eyed child is hilarious!

Now goodnight! Pam is here and I am in some rather awful pain, so I'm off to bed with the brownies that I baked for my chocolate fix, a book called THE DIVE OFF CLAUSSENS PIER (totally misspelling it, but I just started reading it this afternoon, and it's upstairs and I'm here, moody) maybe a glass of coke (I will be able to sleep), my hot water bottle, the RNC on in the background for comparisons from the DNC, and then sleep. With the windows open to listen to the rain, the fan on, the closet light on, and not having to wake up at 5:00am to walk tomorrow. I'm talking the 2.5walk off tomorrow resuming on Monday with my friend Carol.


austere said...

That was hilarious.

The lights on etc would have me in a fret. :) I'm so horrible about turning off every darned switch I can find, its a joke.

Feel better?

jAMiE said...

That was cute...and feel better soon.

Kelly Jene said...

Your boys always warm my heart. I'm sorry pam has hit hard. Have I mentioned it's been since April for my last pam visit? Yikes... not looking forward to that visit.

I love you!

Gypsy said...

Pam will be visiting here soon too. Man she gets around doesn't she? I've just realised that's why I've probably been feeling so crummy.

Your little Sullivan sounds like an absolute riot. Too cute.

Feel better soon Elizabeth and btw, congrats on still being off the smokes. I'm going to be giving up again as soon as I get my new teeth in about 3 weeks. Yippee!!!


Austie: You're welcome to pop on by and turn off all my lights :), although for you that would be some journey now--too bad you weren't at Macy's in Chicago--it'd be easier to get here. :)
Feeling better, no I'm not, but thank you for asking my fun friend!



Jaime: Hee-hee---you are so amazingly sweet. Here I am complaining about a simple menstration problem when you are dealing with so much more and are always the first person to offer your wellwishes for recovery---quite the giver I must say--quite the giver.
thank you very much for your wishes of feeling better,


Kelly: WOMAN! Since APRIL?? That's not good at all--and when she does show up I recommend every male in your house to RUN FOREST RUN--at least for the first few days. :) LOL.
seriously, you should check that out--do you think it has anything to do with your Tubal Reversal??

Love back to you my old friend!!,

P.S. Want to read a phenom blog? Check out my link to Audrey Caroline--that is some incredible mom, with her faith, her family---you will just be in awe over her strength. :)


Gypsy: I wouldn't really mind Pam too much if it would refrain from the awful moods just prior to her arrival as well as the painful cramps...I'll take the weeklong stuff instead of that other crap.

When you're ready you'll be ready to quit--don't stress about it---I hope you're not, are you?
That's awesome of your future teeth arrival, it's amazing what that can do to ones spirit, isn't it?

which reminds me, I need to see the Sauntering Frank.
Have a great Saturday---we're always a day behind you damn it--no matter how hard I try, I can't catch up. L:) lol


Susan said...

CB - When I was a kid I use to say "when I get a job and make my own money...I am buying as much candy as I want!"

Might be why I have a sugar addiction.


Diane Vogel Ferri said...

hope you enjoy that book - I really liked it a lot!

Tink said...

Bob! Oh man, that's adorable!

Brad said...

The little ones sure do keep us 'real' don't they?

Cheryl said...

Kids say the cutest things. Especially yours. You're so smart to write them down. We think we'll remember, but we don't.

Palm Springs Savant said...

that is cute. I remember when I was a kid I kept trying to get my dad to stop smoking cigars, i did the darndest things to get him to stop. (he never did!)

jAMiE said...

Hi there again...popped in looking for a new post...forgot to mention when i commented last...that i have the habit too..of eating in bed. We eat dinner on my bed watching tv world revolves around my bed...speaking of which, i'm off for a nap..i hope you're enjoying your Saturday!

simonsays said...


Love it. Aren't the thoughts and words of a four year old the best thing, EVER?

Happy weekend.

Stop making crumbs in the bed...and yes, WHAT ABOUT BOB? LOL!


The Real Mother Hen said...

You have a great boy, Crusty.
Very intelligent too :)

SOUL: said...

BOB? that cracks me up-- bwhahahaha
happy week forthcoming to you :))