Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Bricks of Simple Living

This home is being built on what was once a home filled with memories, a new remodeled kitchen, an adorable and large basement and a beautiful huge tree. This house is being built on a corner that makes the house appear even more out of place. The homeowner appears to be indecisive in regards to what types of exterior patterns to place on his home. While working with his custom home builder, they decided that the right type of exterior "siding"should be, brick, multicolored brick, dark brick, light brick, and wood like siding with an area of what seems like a log cabin type wood.
Makes the house look uglier then it already is, in my opinion.
Reminds me of what would be a skateboarders dream ramp.

The house on the left has sat for sale for over two years. Listed at 1.9million, the interior of the home is just beautiful, although for my taste entirely way too large. Not only would I not enjoy living in this house because of the amount of rooms to clean, I'd be too scared at how far apart each bedroom is from the master-plus it'd be challenging to keep an eye on my children with all the rooms.

The house on the right has bad luck written all over it.
The original owners of the home were a popular judge of our town and his family. They did the same thing that everyone seems to enjoy doing in our town, tear down existing perfectly sound memory filled homes to build these McMansions so they'll have size and trees. After living in the home for roughly 6months, the judge and his wife divorced.
Due to infidelity.
On both sides.

When his wife would go out, the judge would call a local nearby in town restaurant/bar asking the bouncer that took the call whether or not his wife was there with another man. When the person advised him that his wife wasn't in the establishment, the judge would become rude and accuse the fellow of lying to him, claiming that he knew for a fact that his wife was there. That not only was she in the restaurant, but she had to be sitting there at the bar with some man.
His wife, although a frequent patron of this particular establishment, usually wasn't there when the judge would call looking for her.

Now the house belongs to another family with High school kids and creative Jr high boys.
I'll see the judge on occasion in the area with his George Hamilton tan and crispy silver and gray slicked hair looking like he's on a hell bent mission to knock over anyone and everyone.
A very pompous jerk.

He purchased a "smaller" home for his wife in a subdivision near their old home that was created back in the mid80's, and bought himself a nice million dollar condo situated in our downtown just across the railroad tracks.

This house is my favorite house, because it's ours.
It also shares the street with the other homes I've mentioned and pictured here.
Differences with living simply or advertised, I like how my house shows her personality. Perhaps because I know her insides, is it me or doesn't it just seem so peaceful and content?
The window to the left of the garage is one of our kitchen windows.

Can you see my mommoville hanging out in the long driveway? We have a two car garage but do we use it to park her in there? nope.

Welcome To Crustybeef~
"Our house is a very very very fine house."
P.S. The call taker at the restaurant in town was generally my brother which is how I knew about his arrogant mannerisms-well that and "stories" from my neighbors on our long block.


Gypsy said...

Your house looks way more welcoming than those HUMONGOUS mausoleums. I would be too scared to move in one of those "other" houses in case I broke something valuable or moved something out of it's designated spot.

My daughters have a friend whose home is immaculate. Impeccably clean, gorgeous furnishings, nothing out of place. It's lovely but I don't feel comfortable there. Our house is clean but often untidy and all their friends love coming here because they can be kids without fear of going home with a bill for damages.

Yes Elizabeth...I would much rather come to your house any day.

Gypsy said...

PS Loved the juicy stories too and I'm FIRST...YIPPEE!!!


gypsy: I'd be a nervous nelly sleeping in the McMansion--regardless of alarms, I'd be such a freak about it--We have a house alarm on our present home and I still get scared when things go "bump" in the night.

YEA!! YOu're FIRST!! :)


Anonymous said...

i look at these larger homes and wonder, what is their consumption of fuels to keep those things going!

Susan said...


I was married to a miserable man and we lived in a huge house..I divorced and have tried very hard to show my kids (now 20 and 17) that it is not about the size of the is what is inside..that counts.

I now live in a small 1899 farmhouse and I had 60 people over on Sunday...EVERYBODY loves it..but most importantly my kids and I love it!

Now if a guy comes along and adores me and my kids and wants to move us into a huge house....I am not saying I would decline.

it might be just fine

Brad said...

Your house is the only one pictured that looks like a home.

I'm packing my blanky and jammies - will be there soon...

simonsays said...

Your house is a home...and that's the difference. I always get irritated when realtors claim they have a HOME for sale. You can't sell a home, you sell a house. You make a house a home...but once it's empty, it's just a house again...

Sorry, I'm blogging in your box.



ABOUT YOU: I shutter to think about that---one of the other reasons I wouldn't care for a home that large--PASS!



Susan: 60 for 50 right? :) For us living in the town that we live in (as you know :)...) homes such as ours range from at least 380-425K---because of the school district first of all--
I've always preferred the more simple living and would rather give my children an excellent education with home values of nonadvertised dough-using it more for giving and silent earning-

Now does that mean when there is a double income we'll be more willing to stretch our homes size via an addition--perhaps! But I love older homes the style the smells, the fact that there are memories hidden within the walls, there's something far more exciting to me then a house with 20rooms on the main level-

My Aunt formerly of Geneva found something similar to what you're looking for---granted she was excellent with her money--she divorced her deadbeat husband over 11 years ago moved from New Jersey with her two boys and did basically everything for them without his help---she now has love, a dog, a cat, two 'step' kids along with her two sons (2nd year college and the other an airtraffic controller finishing up training out in Minnesota) a bird and a stunning house just north of Geneva-near the road of rand and Dell :)...but she still is the same humble money saving person that she was before--point is, money doesn't have to change people, but for some it drastically does--

for you it wouldn't it
because you value more then large

Thanks btw again for the necklace lady info!! Awesome!



Bradley: Um, the coffee's up, today's brew is Cinnamon hazelnut papa Nicholas with a decaf mix of hazelnut---
bring your teddy bear for the boys to have someone to hang out with--maybe your goat for Ben? :)



Jaime: I LOVE THAT SAYING!! I'll have to remember that---you always know the right things to say--no wonder you always seem to be able to fix things!!:)

you are more then welcome to blogaway in my box---after all--how many longwinded chatters have you sat through compliments of my detailed annoying mouth? :)

hang in there! I hope your mom's health improves :(


abbagirl74 said...

Yes, your home is excellent. Just the right size for mom and her boys!

JLee said...

I feel the same way about those big giant houses. Who wants to clean that?? lol
I like your house and now I have that song in my mind: "Our house, in the middle of our street..." haha

Cheryl said...

I love your large yard and that huge tree. If a house is too big it can't really be a home, although I think anyplace you hang your hat would be.