Friday, September 19, 2008

Picture This

A downtown deli that was once a popular triple squared scooped COCK ROBIN Ice cream store with candy cane colored chairs and tables. That was once a place that hosted better then ever hamburgers and french fries sliding down the warming holder waiting for you to pluck them, warm and toasty in their aluminium soft wrapping. Malts and OH MY GOSH ice cream sodas.
Alas, now a deli, although they preserved the decor, the food is all new and the ice cream is gone.

Now we dine on deli Boar's head style sammis versus yummy plain cone bubble gum ice cream, or a vanilla fudge soda with just the right amount of fizz and wonder. But the price is right, the sammies are good, and it has that fun fresh and old feel to it. (Just don't ask to use the washroom, you'll feel as though you're walking down the stairs to meet the Goonies Brother).

A store geared for babies, all kinds. Beautiful hand made things created by some marvelously adoring people. The store that has little Dixie cups of ducks and bubbles near a tiny clear container with a tiny silver little spoon that all the little people can scoop out cheerios on their way out. The store run by a mother and her daughter,that started from words and dreams back when they lived in Athens Georgia.
Every last detail even to the scent of baby powder that wafts throughout the air with each step into a new area of beautiful graceful lady bug tea sets, art work and well, you've got to see it to understand how much I adore this store. Someday as all of the other upcoming artists and designers for babies and tots began their happy showing, I will have one of my children's books situated in there, near the vintage toys-you'll see.

A Candy store built out of an alley with one wall of containers filled with candy from the past, like those smoking minty type candy cigarettes, rock candy and slow pokes. Nickel and Dime candy, freshly popped popcorn from the same man that was there back when I was about 14 wearing his hippie bands and peace signs, he has always had a smile on his face with the look of munchies, might I add.
The fountains flowing across the cobblestone road and the rumbling of the cars tires that drive along front street.

People walking around happily, the breeze just enough to be relaxing. Trees, trains, shrubs, french markets, old, new and upcoming-I love my little town.

A store that is the perfect recipe of Christmas Villages, hallmark cards, doodads, just a graceful store where you can find the most interesting things. Yes, they do have Webkinz, and surprisingly Webkinz for $7 each, naturally the older ones that is. Fun hand blown glass designs, wind chimes, animal glittered reading eye glass boxes, you name it they'll have it.

Across the tracks a tee shirt design store that smells like vintage iron ons with freshly matted whatever you wanna tee shirts made out of cotton. Granted you could have it rumbled, you could have it straight from the shirt, but I doubt they'll make it skins. Do you want glittered stars, your name or just a few numbers? You bring it, they'll do it.

Want religion?
We've Got Religion!
Oh boy we do, and we have a quaint lovely store that can sell you whatever you may need.
Prayer Cards, key chains, cards, angels, you name it, we have it.

You name it, our little town has it all.
Old, new, and upcoming.
Believe it or not, I'm just getting started.
I love it.
These are the places that I have visited over the past two days-today and yesterday.

Tomorrow soccer at 8am and then some more outdoor playful park time-
Sunday a trip to the zoo.

What about you?

I'm dreaming of less hassle and more peace while eating a Chicago style pizza. Yes I'm busy with yet again another writers block and also happily tired after spending the day working for my parents.

Sadly this evening a wake for my dear friend's brother in law.
Too much tragedy surrounds the brother in law and his family.


But for now I'll close my eyes and find peace at the boatshed in a park situated on the northside of our cute town. A fun place to visit in the winter-ahh to ice skate in december wondering if that boy across the way that just emerged from the warming house will later be holding your hand.

All of this occurring within my town.

Old, new and Upcoming.
I'll be making my rounds to you Internets (friends!!) after momma goes back to Florida on Monday.

Stay safe, Stay true, and MAKE IT A GREAT DAY!


Kstro said...

CUZ! We are creepy!!!! Why are we so much alike?? I didn't see you guys at all! :) TOO FUNNY!!!
Loved your post. And I loved your final picture that really from North Side?
Next thing ya know we'll be wearing the same outfit!

austere said...

LOVED the babystore and the candy place.
GREAT pics.

I'm visiting you some day!

simonsays said...

The baby store sounds like one of a kind---and I can see your books there one day, too. :)

Have a great visit with you family --

Hugs, honey.

Palm Springs Savant said...

What a clever post crusty- a slic eof life indeed.

The Window Watcher said...

Great post...brought me back...thanks for all the good wishes as well.....

Diane Vogel Ferri said...

What a great portrait of midwest America1

Kelly Jene said...

Awesome stuff! You know I saw the Goonies house last year. Looks just like in the movie.

Love the pics! Love you!

Susan said... a young girl my Momma would take us to the “in-between” popcorn shop – where we were allowed to get 10 cents worth of candy – along with that freshly popped popcorn in the little white bags...I love that it is still there!

You already know how I feel about Cock Robin....for the last year I have been a vegetarian..I would break my "no meat rule" for a Cock Robin burger....oniony, steamed and tasty.

I believe the last Cock Robin in operation for years in LaGrange is closed and for sale.

I would consider changing careers and re-opening it..if it weren’t for the new stretch wardrobe I would have to buy.

fat goes to my thigh

happyone said...

What a great town to walk around in. I love the candy store.