Monday, September 22, 2008

Stitching Up Over Time

He and She have known each other since 1999.
It is now 2008.
They are three children and a loveable marriage later.

Two States they have lived so far, too.
At one point they both had employment, now it is He that does.
One employment so that She could delve further into the depths of lowering her IQ.
For dedication to pee-pee, poo-poo, GA-GA, Goo-Goo.

Sunday Afternoon:
He is watching football.
She is sitting on the love seat nearby.

She loved watching football before the three came along.
Now it's distracting and difficult to make those sort of "bets" that one does sans children.

But on this day, their monkey's were gone.

The three little monkeys off with their Grandma, in town visiting from Florida.
At the movies viewing a flick called IGOR.

She has fallen in love with gorilla glue thanks to handy dandy fix-its from this past weekend.
He, again something related to the family room TV/HD.

He is watching football.
She is sitting on the love seat with a fountain coke in a plastic Number 7.
He is holding the remote to hike his index back and forth.
Scores to compare to the fantasy football through his flea flicker account.

She is poised ready, sitting on the love seat nearby.
Tired of looking at the same hole with heavy bellied foam pouring out from it's undercarriage.
A weapon emerges from her side pocket.
It shines against the reflection of his Sunday Football Not College Top Seven.

He happens to notice it as things go black.
He turns to her as her weapon is poised, ready to pierce the frustrating hole.
In and out is her plan, it'll be quick.
Hopefully pain free-we will see.

He turns to towards She with a look of shock and wonder.
He exclaims to She, "You Know How To Sew?"
"You can fix holes?"
"You can repair A PILLOW?"
"Since when do you sew?"

"What else don't I know?"

It's amazing what can be discovered between a marriage of HE AND SHE even after knowing each other beyond 8 years.

I CAN SEW holes.
Plus fix door hinges, toilets, tire changes and more.
He now knows I can sew.
Now please go pause the music over on the right of my blog post. Go ahead and scroll down and then scroll BACK UP, press play, turn your head sideways, to view Ben chatting back at the
beginning of August.


The Window Watcher said...

It's amazing what we find out....I still go through that with the Warden as well.

Kstro said...

I used to love falling asleep on the couch next to Jon watching football every Sunday. Before marriage/kids we would order pizza and wings and then I would doze for like 3 hours on a Sunday afternoon with the sound of football on TV. Reminds me of home with my dad!
That is definitely something I truely miss!

austere said...


So what did you find out about the hubby that you didn't know?

Loved the surprise in this one.

Cheryl said...

I loved the video. Made me remember Em at that wonderful age.

Funny Bigdog didn't know you could sew. Or maybe not more than a button?

Happy Wednesday! Plans with the Grands?

Susan said...

Hey CB - Now don't be going overboard and show He all your tricks at one time....always keep a couple up your frilly, girly sleeve.

otherwise you may grieve

mosiacmind said...

stopping by to say computer is working. thank you God for kind people who try to help each other.

Diane Vogel Ferri said...

the video - too, too, too cute.