Friday, October 31, 2008


Happy Halloween to all of you!

My biopsy was completed yesterday and although it wasn't the most pleasant experience and I have a lovely swollen bruise on my neck, it's over. Done. Complete. Finished. Moved on.

Now we just wait for the good news that it's benign-because that's what it HAS to be because that's what I'm willing it to be-The doctor that performed the procedure only had to insert the needle three times, thankfully his thrusts weren't too painful. They did tell me that the nodule that they biopsied is part cystic and part solid, whatever the heck that means. I could google it, but then my mind will take me places that I really don't need to go down.

So on that note, I'll wish you a wonderful scary Halloween with cute costumes and little things!
Oh yes, and a brief Sullivan moment too:

Sullivan: "dad, mom, when is my Halloween party for school?"
US: (for the 15Th time) "tomorrow, Sullivan, Thursday is your preschool Halloween party."
Sullivan: "Oh, okay."
~walks off to go antagonize his little brother.~

Sullivan wakes up, comes bounding out of his room, running into the hallway he proclaims, (at 6:30am mind you) "Mom, Dad, today is tomorrow!!"

Gotta love it!
He and his big brother are Clone Troopers whereas I still have some control over Benjamin, and he shall be a Beaver.


simonsays said...

Praying for the best outcome and certain that's what it will be.



Jaime: yes, it will be good results--I hope you're okay, I'm so so sorry about your mom, I don't know what or how you must be feeling, but knowing how I'd feel if I lost mine, well, I wish I could just give you a big ole strong hug!


Palm Springs Savant said...

Just stopped by to wish you a Happy Halloween!

austere said...

Happy Halloween, and have some candy from me.

Will be praying.

Bless you, child.

Susan's Snippets said...

CB - A "beaver" that with Cleaver after it??

Keep us posted on your nodes, in the meantime you are being lifted up with prayers.

and lots of cares

Kelly Jene said...

God is in control, sister. I believe it and I pray it. I'm praying for you!

I would love to see pics of your boys!


PSS: you TOO! What type of martini concocotion are you making for your evening? :)


austie: I've already had more then my fair share of candy--5 butterfingers and some snickers--uh-oh!


Susan: Beaver as in buck toothed beaver and busy as a beaver--:) he'll wear it for the few houses he'll approach and then home again for him and I so I can pass out candy for all the cute little folks!



Kelly: you'll definitely see some pics for sure! I just know everything will be alright--because as sully says, it has to. :)

Diane Vogel Ferri said...

Keep those positive thoughts - and we will too.

Cheryl said...

You'll be just fine. How long will it take to find out? Too long, I know.

Having a solitary night here. Worked late. Didn't even have to hide from the trick-or-treaters. They'd already been by.

Did the boys have a fabulous time? Do you eat their candy? Emily loved going out, then would never mention the candy again.

Brad said...

Hey Baby, Peace. All will be well.

SOUL: said...

somehow i missed the news on even needing a biopsy--wt-heck?
i hope it's nothing. i'm sure it is nothing.
is it in the thyroid area? any symptoms for thyroid?
too many peeps have too much happenin.
seems a rough year from the start for many of us-- it's almost over though-- let's all just hope for a better one ahead eh?

do we get to see the boys all dressed up???


The Window Watcher said...

Positive vibes little lady.....and a few prayers too. Hope your halloween was fun, I ate nothing but chocolate last night....and I felt like it this morning.

Kelly Jene said...

Hey sweets, I hope you are feeling well.

You won in the character contest. I actually chose two of your characters. Go to my blog and see which ones...


Gypsy said...

I'm glad the biopsy is over E and I'm sure all will be well. Please keep us informed won't you?

If you get a chance, come over to my Theme Park blog and look at my Happy Halloween fairy. I bet that will cheer you up.