Monday, October 20, 2008

Mole Nodule

Fun times This week in the Crusty house.
First off, does anyone know how to get rid of moles the nontraditional way?

Not that kind of Mole, although imagine if that thing was in your yard-scary!
I'm talking moles on skin. You know the type, molie molie molies?

Yeah, should be fun, but necessary due to the suspicious nature of them all. Thankfully not any on my face, but still, it will involve multiple shots, digging and skinning, whoo hoo!

Then on Wednesday, Wednesday is the day that I see a specialist. As of Wednesday I will be in Chapter three of my medical story that started that night when my doctor thought I had a blood clot and ordered a cat scan. Again, glad that he thought I had a blood clot, had he not, well, then there wouldn't have been a need for a cat scan and nor would they have discovered what they discovered.

Yes, they found a "thing" on my lung called a calcified granuloma, but it's nothing to worry about and quite frankly I am okay with it being there. Yes, at first I was intimidated by the thought of some thing, some type of scar tissue all chilled and like milky, hanging out on my lung, but I'm okay with it now. Why? Well, time first of all, and because I've done enough "research" (GOOGLE!) and had enough reassurance from my doctors office that this is not something to be concerned with, yes they will watch it to make sure there isn't a change in size, but nothing is screaming out concern.

They also found a nodule on my thyroid measuring 11mm. On my right lobe of my thyroid (does everyone know where their thyroid is? It's located above the indentation of where your collarbone meets at your neck, underneath your voice box) is a nodule. Big deal, right?

My doctor's office thought it was something that we should look into further and therefore ordered an thyroid ultrasound at the hospital-remember, when Bob Marley came into the mind? Yeah, that night.

The test was conducted Monday evening on Columbus day, two weeks after they had discovered the nodule from my Cat Scan (ON ROSH HASHANAH), and by Wednesday morning I had received the phone call from my doctors office with the results.

Waiting for results as minor as it all may (and IS) be is torture, and when I found out that the results would be sent to my doctors office in twelve hours I was chomping at the bit all day on Tuesday waiting for them to call me. They didn't call Tuesday because my doctor is off every Tuesday.
This would be another one of those times between Him and I in a lesson of failed patience that's all.

So, they called on Wednesday morning with the results. They discovered from the ultrasound that I have two nodules, one on my right lobe and one on my left lobe. The one on my left lobe that they discovered from the ultrasound test is only measuring at 5mm, but the one on my right lobe had grown to 16mm and is beginning to infringe upon my trachea. So they've instructed me to see a Thyroid specialist as I will be doing with Brian along side of me on Wednesday at 3:45pm.

I've had some weak moments privately, with myself and with my husband, but all in all, it's not like they're telling me I have cancer. They're not telling me any bad news, more so news that must be tended to. Like when you have chronic strep throats and you're advised to see a specialist to discuss removing your tonsils.

Does it interfere with things? Certainly! Do I kick myself for telling Brian that I was concerned we wouldn't be able to use up the remaining balance in our Flexible Spending Account benefit? That I'd have to go to our local drug store and load up on $500's worth of qualified over the counter cold medicines, pregnancy tests, Yeast cream and Tylenol? However, if that's my only type of bad luck, I'm taking it. We have insurance, we have some money remaining in our FSA and it is the type were you have to use it or lose it, so we'll be using it all up and most likely incur our own out of pocket after tax invoices, but again, I'll take that bad luck, because it could be far worse.

So that's what's been going on within the Crusty body of Crustybeef. I'm still moving, I still get annoyed with my boys, I still have nights where I'm "not in the mood," I still wish for a vacation away, a night or two or three off, long afternoon naps for my boys, opportunities to just sit in front of my computer monitor and browse and surf and finish up my notes to Santa for our boys...

...if only I could get all my pictures in order, off of the hard drive, out of the boxes and placed in perfect chronological order in beautiful pretty girly albums.

Rome wasn't built in a day, but I do have an appointment scheduled for a family picture of the 5 of us and then an individual shot of Sullivan (last one was 2 years old and he's 4) as well as one for Benjamin (last one was his two day old picture and he's 2 YEARS OLD). Rome wasn't built in a day, but the foundation is being laid out and the dreams of what it will be when completed are still there.

It could be worse!! Still, it's nice to know that people are praying for you, there's a comfort to that--something my mom and sisters reminded me of when I wasn't sure I'd mention anything to those that mean the most to me.

P.S. These thyroid nodules are very common, so common that EVEN Rod Stewart had them.... just thought I'd mention that.


That's Crustybeef!


austere said...

Right here for you.


Tink said...

I'm sending good juju your way!

Susan's Snippets said...

CB - I am only several towns away.

just say

Real Live Lesbian said...

Hang in there. All's going to be okay. It's just un-nerving, isn't it.

Sending you warm wishes and postive vibes!

fiwa said...

The waiting must have been driving you crazy. At least now you know what it is and you can start working with the dr to get rid of them.

Hang in there!

Kelly Jene said...

My sweet sister, what you must be going through. We can talk positive and it does us good, but there are still moments in the dark, when you're alone with your thoughts. In those times, know I am here praying for you. My pastor's wife had thyroid nodules about 6 months ago. The doc told her to prepare for it to be cancerous. She had everyone praying for her. She told the church they decided to handle it with joy and laughter. They said if you wanted to help to send her funny cards so she could laugh. A few torturous weeks later the results came in... no cancer. The doc was actually surprised as she had just about every symptom. God can heal all wounds.

I do pray every day. I am praying for you. I love you!

The Window Watcher said...

You KNOW we're thinking and praying for ya.....Just jam some pointer sisters.

Cheryl said...

I'm sure you'll be glad when it's all over, and it will be. Tomorrow you'll find out more, and if they want to do anything. I wrote you about my co-worker...yours sounds just like hers. And she's fine.

That sandwich looks yummy!

Gypsy said...

Well E, you probably know I don't pray and all but I did today for Soul and I will send one up for you too since God didn't laugh when he heard from me :)

Diane Vogel Ferri said...

Whewwww - sigh of relief - so glad you're okay!

Golden To Silver Val said...

You're going to be just fine...I feel it. I know its scary though. I went through some thyroid testing many years ago...I have an enlarged one. I was so scared! (I'm terrified of doctors anyway) But it turned out to be ok and I don't even have to take any meds for it. Sending heartfelt prayers your way, not to mention a roomful of guardian angels! Love and hugs!

starbyer said...

I really enjoyed reading your article. It was so encouraging. I have just had my 2nd CT scan. So far, I have been told that I have 'nodules/lesions/scars(?)' on both lungs and a spot on my thyroid. As you said, the waiting is the worse part. I see a 'thoraic' specialist Monday. As most people, I say I am not going to worry until I know for sure; I just wish I could hold to that. I wish you the best and thanks again

captain corky said...

I'm really happy everything is ok! There might not be anything as agaonizing as waiting for the results of a medical test with the possible exception of waiting for the release of a new Star Trek film. ;)

Brad said...

Oh! sweetie! - I'm So sorry your going through this crap. But it sounds like your on top of it. sorry I've been such a bad blog buddy lately!