Saturday, October 18, 2008


You've violated and broken into the door of the world of sinful passions time and time again.
Your feelings spilled onto the floor, sticky, sweet, if not swept, it could be sour.
You sneak and snub and spill and whine and it's time to put you back into lock down.
It's time to cage you up so that the energy of the hands will not be tempted to reach out to you when you call out to them.

Calling out to the miniatures with temptations of sweet and juicy passions.
Sad, because this is the first time I've ever had to walk this path of locked up unrighteousness.
Takes me to equal 3 I guess.
24 hours to cure.
That's all it will take.
You'll soon be locked up from those miniature type gates.
You will be sad not to have them browsing, but the motherland is tired of all their pulling.
Can you guess what this unnecessary talk is all about?
It's simple. I know you could figure it out.
It's easy to figure out--especially if you live in my world, my life, my house.
It's a picture that I'll show you-perhaps that shall shed the necessary light in order for you to figure it out. Granted the door must be open for the light to be seen, upon closing the light will not gleam....
"Cut the crap out, Crusty and just give us the image!"
Fine! Here you go, my lock down, locked up, no more tempting temptations image:

(*do you realize how funny it is to sit back and watch Ben pulling as hard as he can to open the fridge door only to get nowhere? It is funny-call me cruel- but it is funny!)


The Window Watcher said...

**shakes head**


your classmates pic tops this--yeah, very nasty--You Have a wonderful Blessing!(s)


Mo said...

I'm glad you clarified what was going on because honestly, I had no idea, even with the picture.

Maybe I should look into those for myself. To keep me from the grazing I tend to do at night...for some reason I don't believe they will do the trick.

Cheryl said...

What a meanie mommy you are. Locking the kids from their sneaky fun. Kidding. What a great tool!

Kelly Jene said...

LOL... Alex's first steps at 8 months old were to the fridge!! I feel your pain! I'll email you my new address... love you!

Kstro said...

The other day Calah opened the fridge and spilled an entire pitcher of RED Crystal Light all over the floor which I had just mopped 2 hours earlier. Cruel... maybe. Necessary...MOST DEFINITELY!
Be at Muldoons Friday night to see my friends band and Tim should come out!

simonsays said...

Had they only had these when mine were little, the messes that could have been spared...the juice that was spilled because they were quicker than i was...and "I can do it Mommy".

You are a meanie...but hey-we have to get our kicks somewhere!

Hope your weekend has been great!


austere said...


Anyonw who held this patent, probably made a fortune.

Our fridges could do with this.

captain corky said...

I wonder if Crusty is going to use barb wire to keep the kids out of the pantry... ;)


MO: It could work, as I am a late night grazer---you =know what? Don't do anything yet,..let me try mine out and then I'll letcha know if it's work the purchase. :)



Cheryl: Hey!! Are you calling me a TOOOLLLLLL? HAHAH! Just kidding, yes, I am the meanest mom ever..'s actually been a good quality control for me during the day because if the boys are near me in the kitchen I have to macgyver the latch and be all "you're not going to watch me unlock this thing" because once they figure it out, I'm screwed,, I am not snacking as much during the day--stay tuned (MO 2!!) for the nighttime though.

happy day off for you!


Kelly: They must be hardwired to the necessities of life--I'm still convinced it was the BRIGHT LITE BRIGHT LITE! :) Hope the move is well, moving well!
DITTO waterfalls!!


KSTro: I like your friday night thoughts! Let me see what BDD has planned and will let you know -sounds like fun-although I don't want to be tired for the following day :).
The Crystal Light story sounds all too familiar...except ours held yellow which makes it impossible to see on hardwood so you think you're all good because the part in front of the fridge isn't sticky.. whoops! Sticky floors nothing worse then that, well there is but at the time there isn't. :)



Simon: The beauty of this latch is it doesn't always have to be locked--I used to never agree with child proofing..matter of fact my own cleaning supplies aren't locked up like this..but after many many MANY times cleaning up-like my dear Cousin has had to do--I finally said, ENOUGH! he's my last, screw it,..he's going to have to suffer a bit. :)


Austie: I bet it was a womanommy that created it--either that or a very very hands on oh yes without a doubt--just like the man that created the toothpick--millions I tell you!! :)

Smiling and thinking of you and I at tea!



Capt: Naww, too easy..I was thinking of the electrical fences that offer a bit of a jolt to the little fingers..
just wait with Max, you'll see! You already do, don't you? Who cleans it, Allyson or you? :) LOL


Susan's Snippets said...

CB - I need someone to install these on my fridge and not tell me the secret to getting it open. That might help with my ever expanding belly and not for any reasons you might know about.

i could shout

fiwa said...

lol... ya gotta get your laughs where you can!

Gypsy said...

I want one of these for me :) I've got to hand it to you are the Queen of suspense. I was racking my little brain trying to figure out where this post was leading.