Friday, October 03, 2008

Playing Telephone

I've been sick all week, hence my excuse for this week's absence yet again.
What, did you think it was because of the "YOU BETCHA, JOE" and the back to back loss of the Cubbies?

On Monday I woke up with a very heavy feeling weighing on my chest. It wasn't emotional, or panic related either. It was actual pressure on my chest cavity, as if I had been in a car accident and had my chest rammed with an airbag. As the morning went on, the pressure grew more uncomfortable, and the longer the day went the more winded I would become and the more painful it would feel when I inhaled.

Soon the pressure was not only in my chest, but now also in my back. Like there was someone sitting on both my chest and back-if that is at all possible- in a totally NONSEXUAL manner!!

So, being wise, I called my doctor and I was seen in their office that very afternoon. Because there wasn't any other symptoms( for example; a fever, congestion, or sinus issues) my doc was concerned I could have a blood clot in my pulmonary region, so he arranged for the hospital to conduct a Cat scan on me later that evening.

The cat scan came and went, and I did have to have an IV.

It was for the administering of the iodine.

Have you ever had a Cat scan before and had iodine injected into you? Now that's a very bizarre feeling. First off, my hand felt like a surge of sun power had just blown through my veins. Then I got extremely hot in my face and it felt as if I had the sun glaring directly over me, slowly passing over my body, until it reached the point where I got very warm "down there."
Completely in a NONSEXUAL way, it felt as though I had just peed on myself-but I hadn't, it's just one of the effects that the Iodine does to people. Strangely enough the more "senior" you are and/or dehydrated, the stronger the effects from that injection. Mainly the intensity of that overall warmed/heated feeling.

The results came back as I assumed, no blood clot, just pleurisy which is something I've had now three times, the very first time was while I was pregnant with Benjamin. Odd though because this time unlike the past two times from having this in virus form,(SO THANKFUL NOT BACTERIAL!) I had no other symptoms besides pulmonary issues; being winded and pressure on my chest, shortness of breath on occasion, and pain when I'd suddenly inhale to catch my breath and the simultaneous back pain. But nothing else that you would usually experience when catching a virus like fever, weight loss, loss of appetite, aches, pains, you know, "the usual suspects."

Until Tuesday or Wednesday that is.

Then the fever struck, and the chills and the aches and the I wanna vomit but I'm not going to, it just feels like I'm sick to my stomach. So the virus just decided to start in my chest (my thoughts are that this chest region is my weak point compliments of smoking, damn it!) and then work itself backwards.

What else is new, I do everything backwards.
We have our child.
Then we get married.

Not my point but anyhow, yesterday after Brian had left for work, I heard my two boys chatting upstairs. My two older ones because Ben isn't talking at what should be considered "normal" at his age--no worries, I've got early intervention working to get some therapists over to my house for more information--so, Jackson and Sullivan are upstairs talking...

Shortly after their brief mumblings, Sullivan comes downstairs and says to me that Jackson told him I was sick.
He then proceeds to ask me how I got sick, and let me tell you, it's very hard to at least attempt to explain to a 4 year old what a virus is, let alone discuss it when it's Mommy that's under the weather, so being La Wise-AY one, I referred to it, as a "bug."

"Mommy caught a virus, which is also known as a bug, and whenever it's done making me feel yucky, it'll go away, it's not a bug you can see though, it's an invisible bug, I can't take medicine for it because it's the type of bug that won't go away with medicine from the doctor, but eventually my own special powers within my body, they're called antibodies, will begin fighting this bug until it goes away." (You get to speak run-ons when you're a parent, and if you prefer you may still talk slowly without ever pausing or taking a breath).

Satisfied Sullivan turned on his heels and walked away to tell Jackson what his findings were.
"Hey Jackson, Mom's got a fly inside her! I wonder if it's pooping every time it lands."

From there the two of them erupt into laughter, and launch into a tirade of doodie foofie poop jokes that only 6 year old and 4 year old boys truly understand.

I have GOT to stop being so detailed with my children.
Then again, they have GOT to start listening for crying out loud, it was like a bad round of telephone with your fellow brownie folks around the bonfire roasting marshmallows..

Yummm, smores!

S'more later, on another day.


Brad said...

Sorry your sick sweetie! - I don't get the 'telephone' 'Brownie' thing -

So, is the fly pooping?

Hope your feeling better !

Kelly Jene said...

Yikes! Are you gonna be ok? I sure hope so! Prayers are coming your way! Waterfalls of God's healing power!!!


Brad: Click on the link sweets, you'll probably recall the game you'd play as kids during sleepovers, camp outs, if you were a girl scout, boy scout or before even being able to reach the status of girl scout, a Brownie. :)



Kelly: I'll always be okay even when I'm not okay because I'm an okay sort of broad, you know? :)
Waterfalls back, youuuuuuuu betcha! :)


Prayers are nice btw, I'll take some if you want to send them my way! :)


PS. Brad, not referring to you as a girl scout, absolutely not never. :)

Hi Bear and Jay!

Kstro said...

Hee hee! I loved the part about the poopie foofie ppop jokes that only 6 and 4 year old boys understand. HILARIOUS! I'm totally not laughing at your expense tho...pleurisy is very very very painful! I have had iodine contrast and it does feel very very also made me feel EXTREMELY nauseous the next day.


Katie: Hmm, maybe that's why I woke up at 3:30am thinking I was having morning sickness..wierd!! Maybe that's where the queasiness came from, although they didn't mention anything about that, more so to load up on h20...once again..we think alike..

....and it's not just because of the relation, it's more then that.

You going to the bash?


Cheryl said...

You've been sick many times. I've never heard of this one, or known anyone who had it. Feel better soon. You've got lots of responsibilities there with your boys and they need a non-buggy mom.

Mo said...

I hope you get to feeling better soon.

Sending healing vibes your way.

I love how your son took what you shared with and made it his own. A fly. Love it!

austere said...

Hey you get well soon, Crustymom...Amazing interpretation.. take some rest and no getting up too soon, ok?


Cheryl: It's like an inflammation within the chest wall nothing but anti inflamm's that will do the trick, for me, TEA! And have been sipping lots of it! face you later-lOL



MO: There was a fly on my wall, he pooped and skipped and boy did he show-
my boys how easy it is to turn mommy's cold into something SO funny filled with farts and the untold. :)

He's a trip I tell you..


(yeah yeah, You're a buckeye fan, I KNOW) right? or are you a Seminole fan...Lordie no!


austie: Ha, nice last line..the not getting up too soon..
Hmm, this morning 5am I didn't get up, but Sullivan did--and eventually crept himself into my bed--then at about 6or so there goes ben belting out "Mommma"..
I didn't get up then, Brian took him out of his crib and then suddenly there were four in our to their soccer games must be there by quarter to was about 47degree's..
man, that wasn't fun.
BUT!!! I did think of you, I had my tea that I had brewed and mixed with honey vanilla chamomile, Earl Grey and some Green tea Pomegrante..

SO GOOD! with honey.

HAppy days, right?

The Real Mother Hen said...

Hey, hope you have recovered by now.

SOUL: said...

i've had that P- thing before-- forgot about it til now-- i think i thought it was a heart attack too.
that dye makes me feel like that too--and if they wouldn't have warned me first i prolly woulda peed my pants just cuz it felt like i was.. i hate that.
anyways hope you're all better now.

your kids say the greatest stuff.


Diane Vogel Ferri said...

hope you're feeling better - I think it's a good thing that you got it all checked out - you have too many little people counting on you - take care!!!

austere said...

Oh yes, completely happy times.

I hope you're feelin better?

Its very very hot here, specially for Oct. We have a festival called Dussehra the day after. :)Everyone at work has been wearing different colored clothes on different days of a 9 day festival called Navratri that's going on- looks so NICE.

Gypsy said...

Hey Elizabeth
I'm so sorry I haven't visited lately. It's a very long story but I got here eventually and what's this I find? You're sick? I do hope you are feeling much better now honey.