Thursday, October 09, 2008


May those that are recognizing Yom Kippur, have an easy fast (TSOM KAL)!

A Day of Atonement, you are to fast and ask G-d for forgiveness of all your sins.

Streets are empty in the streets of Israel as operating a vehicle or working is considered sacrilegious.


austere said...

Completely empty!

I've never in my life seen anything like this.

Susan said...

CB - you will love this...I sent an email to a friend of mine with a VERY Jewish him a little grief about not going to lunch and this was his response...

"'s a Jewish Holiday today, could we schedule something for next week?"

I only work with Jewish attorneys...who were off yesterday too!

my mind's a zoo

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austie: I know, it's something else, I can't imagine out by you if the roads were calm--here in my town the roads are empty on Sundays mainly after all the churches let out from their services. :)

Susan: HA! That's funny--you could always reply to his response with "TSOM KAL?" Don't feel bad, if he was an orthodox he wouldn't be replying to email on the holy days=--you're thinking of turkeys and gobblins and not shofars.


Brad said...

From a comment I left at Soul's - this did happen yesterday:

Funny Crusty thing: the tech's were in my office yesteday morning and I'd left my email inbox up on my screen. They guys were checking it out and saw an email from 'crustybeef' - they teased me about stepping out on Jay with some old man with 'crusty beef'

Tink said...

What a stunning photo. You know, fasting would be a small consequence for not having to work I think. ;)