Tuesday, November 18, 2008


It's official.
Brian and I took apart the crib in Ben's room last night.
The crib that carried Jackson, Sullivan and Benjamin through their early growing stages.
The first "big" purchase that Brian and I made together as two people expecting their first child.
The crib that traveled to Florida.
The crib that protected all three of my boys.
The crib that would give them the opportunity to stand up and while holding onto the rails, they'd wait until I'd walk into their room after a nights slumber, or afternoon nap. There they'd be, standing up and smiling ear to ear waiting for me to pick them up.
The crib that held their sleeping bodies as Brian and I, and on occasion my girlfriends, would quietly crawl into the room to watch them sleep. Sometimes trying not to make any noise, sometimes making so much noise we'd crack up and then duck down.
The crib that taught my children that you use pillows and blankets to sleep.

The crib.
It's not around anymore and I thought I'd be okay with it.
It's only been a half day, but I still am struggling with the fact that the crib is no longer around.
Because the crib has been disassembled doesn't at all give me the yearnings for another little one.
Actually it's more like an obvious reminder that babies and Beef are over. Sure having my tubes tied last November was a reminder, but I didn't see it.
This I see.

Brian had to be the one that carried the crib to the garage, there was no way I could do it.
Silly that some slats of white painted wood, a board and some safety features could have such an impact on me.

I'm sad today because the crib is gone.
That's really all I have to say, other then besides the crib being gone, all is good.

Goodbye Crib, you've served your purpose! I just wish you had given us more time! I will find peace in knowing that you'll make some family happy after we donate you to a resale shop.

To anyone not yet at the 'crib departure stage' yet, you don't know how lucky you are to still have that ahead of you. I'd switch places if I could, to do it all over again each time, with Jackson, Sullivan and Benjamin as little ones tucked asleep in their little square crib.


Kathy said...

I remember holding onto my third and thinking, "Please stay a baby!" She didn't. She's 28 and married. Hold onto them.

Tink said...

It sounds like it was well loved. Maybe it'll carry that love to its next home...

Susan's Snippets said...

I did not go thru crib depression...Anna scaled it at 10 months old and in order to keep her safe...we took it down and passed it along.

sing a song

Golden To Silver Val said...

Reminds me of that wonderful song from Fiddler on the Roof...."Sunrise, Sunset". They grow so fast. God Bless.

austere said...

Lovely, Crusty.

It'll take your laughter and love and pride in children to the next family.

Anonymous said...

It's always sad seeing our kids move onto the next stage but exciting too. There are so many more adventures ahead for you, Brian and the boys. Embrace the new, treasure the old and life will be as it should be. Always moving forward.....


Kathy: I'm holding and they're still growing beyond my control. :) LOL


Portia said...

I thought you were keeping him in that thing until he was 20! I was gonna ask you how you go about that;)

I hope you find lots of little smiles on this bittersweet day:)

Diane Vogel Ferri said...

This is such a lovely post. All of us Moms understand it but probably never put it into words as you have.

Cheryl said...

Our crib saw a lot of love, and was passed on to many a family. I hope your's still has a lot of life left in it. New stuff ahead for you, minus crib. You'll always have the memories.

Kelly Jene said...

Sweetheart. I'm sorry. I do know your pain. So very deeply. Read today's post and you'll see why. I am hurting with you. And what's sad is people don't realize is it is real pain.

Big hugs.

SOUL: said...

niiiice writing. hope you feel a little better today.
umm ya that :))

Brad said...

As a dude it's hard to fully understand but I do really feel for you & Kelly Jean. Love you both!

Mary said...

I remember the first crib closing when my boys moved to their 'big' beds. They were proud and I was sad beyond belief. The grandchildren came and the crib came out again for a new life. It is at the ready for our granddaughter who is visiting over the next two weeks. I may never take it down again. I hope there is always a potential visiting occupant in need of a nap or a long night's sleep.


Mary--sadly for me I must say goodbye to the crib,..to watch it store dust in the corner somewhere alone reminds me of Woody on the shelf, I want her to have a good home, and If it's not around eventually the pain will subside, whereas if I keep it it'll only naw at me more. Mainly because by the time my children have children, I doubt it will be deemed a safe crib. Sad..

it's been a very loooooooongggggggggg week in this house and we are all verrrrrrrrry tiredddddd.
caution to all:
a whiny post to come next--


Susan: You're not a snippet you're a mary Poppit! :)
I love your outlook--so positive!!

gIVING ginger ale.

gawd that
stupid scale


Portia: thanks for the book order..check your email or text or call me...You're awesome! And I'm sure you'll love them! The puppets are awesome too==but let me get some and see if I can send you one to see if you like it--or the boys-=--
talk to you later! :)
you're a good friend

to the end


Tink; You got honeymoonitis and dramamine? Cruises are the best! Welcome home as a Mr and Mrs..looking forward to seeing the pics!!! The pic of you and statue was great--I love that dress!

You sway it woman!
Did the captain request for you to dine at his table? :)


Brad, maybe as a dude it's a difficult topic to delve into, but you're a darling animal lover, which means that anytime you gaze at bear and remember the puppy stage, a part of you yearns for the torn socks days..


am i right?


Soul: Got bacon and coco?
Nawww? Okay, well I'll barter if you do for some bagels lox tomato and cream cheese whipped with lightly cut swiss.

Feeling better I hope?
anytime I get a pain near my thigh that feels odd I think, OMG the amount of pain you must have been in from that PE is remarkable!
Geesh,,.I'm glad you're okay.
Did you sleep at all when there?
Maybe that's what God wanted--not for you to have pain, but for a way to get you to sleep for a while.


Roman Angel:
can we figure a way to freeze the times a bit thought too? Maybe like in the Adam Sandler CLICK flick?

How's your miss shiss? worse days lately? I hope not---I know from witnessing how wretching miss shiss is from a family member with it.

Thinking of you and tiny dancers.


I'll be back to get to more of you-pls don't take it personal-my boys are calling for me..:)

ben pee'd in Brian's and mine bed--
that's a tiny glimpse into the future cheerio whine post.