Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Three Boys, A Sheet, and Snow In Summer

UGH, damn it!
Ben tipped over a cup that was sitting on the desk near the keyboard. Which means that a few keys are no longer working on my keyboard. One being the question mark key. It's very hard to maintain the proper tone with email and blogging without having a question mark to insert at the end of a sentence. It confuses people. It's confusing me. So if you see a QM after any sentence, you'll just have to imagine that it's really a question mark icon so that you can read the words in a tone of a question. Okay-QM.

Does anyone know how I can repair this-QM. I have the can of freeze spray or whatever it's called but that doesn't seem to help, and the keyboard's been dry for days now.


If you buy a hybrid car you naturally wouldn't fill the tank up full of gas, right-QM.
If you love snow you wouldn't move to southern Arizona, right-QM.
If you are afraid of Hurricanes you wouldn't live in Miami, right-QM.
If you don't want to get pregnant then you wouldn't have your partner leave their special mark inside of you, right-QM.
If you don't want anymore children and you opt for a tubal ligation, there's no need to take birth control pills, right-QM.
Not in my case. Well, not in my case yet, and I'm not sure I'll even opt for that because I'm just not comfortable with it. Why the ramble and the nonsense-QM.

Does it Snow in Summer-QM. In my world it does.
I had my tubes tied when I had some cysts removed on my ovaries back in November 07, and guess what, I need to go on the pill.

It sounds confusing, right-QM.

Only the real reason is due to the fact that Pam is here and is now 6weeks late and has been just awful. Thank goodness my mother in law was in town for a visit otherwise I would have been in trouble. I was in such awful pain yesterday that I didn't know whether to pee out my nose, fart out my ear or talk out my ass. The cramps were awful. I had my hot water bottle and menstrual thermal heat thing doubling up in my cramping region. A few days prior I could feel the sharp tugs that would mark the reminder that Pam would be arriving, but because my cycle is so seriously jacked up, it's hard to actually pin point.

No matter what OTC pill I swallowed yesterday, the pain wouldn't go away. No matter what herbal remedy I tried, the pain was still there. I just cried and thanked my lucky stars that my mother in law was in town. Unfortunately she returned to Florida early this morning, so I am back on my "own," so to speak. So today just before a nice little snow fall hit, I found myself in my Gyne's office, with my three boys, a draped sheet over my lower half, and Pam screaming obscenities from down under, hoping and seeking out answers.

To add insult to injury, my very awesome Gyne (and I mean that, he is amazing) did have to "go in and have a look." Sorry guys, don't like to read it, then skip this particular post and go look at the one about tits and ass and sex, okay-QM.

We have options and naturally the doctor will need to order some tests and I'll need to have some "Things" done to determine what's causing this. They'll have to inflate my uterus, like they do your bladder, with water by sticking a tube up there and then a camera to have a look to see if my uterus has thick walls inside of it. They want to do an ultrasound, an MRI and quite possibly exploratory surgery. But in the meantime, what to do about this. Or to avoid all of those tests in the future, what else can I do to stop these dreadful stop me in my I don't wanna sit down tracks-QM. Well, I can have a partial or full hysterectomy. That was one suggestion. The other one is to go on a form of birth control by pill that will stop my periods all together.

I don't like the sounds of either. Naturally my Gyne isn't telling me I have to do this, he's just telling me what my options are. Do I want the car with leather seats or do I want remote start-QM.

Another option is narcotics and anti inflammatory med's. That should help the pain a bit, only then I'm stuck with those in my system because in order for them to take affect, I'm supposed to begin taking the pills at the first sign that my period is on the horizon. Or rather, when a zit hits my nose.

No matter, we both want to find out what is causing these periods to be so dreadful. My periods have always been off, but ever since having a tubal, I swear, they've been worse. My Gyne will tell you that unfortunately there is no medical proof that a tubal can cause bad menstrual cycles, although he does disagree with the lack of medical findings on this, he has seen similar cases like mine, where the periods get worse after tubal ligation's. Unfortunately, even if the research came back 100% conclusive that a tubal can cause bad periods, there's nothing I can do about it now. Think about it, insurance companies don't cover tubal reversal's and I don't want to get pregnant so that's not an option. But I don't want to be without my uterus either, she's my friend, when she's not contracting like I'm in labor the dirty little whore that she can be at times.

Either way, it doesn't change the fact that my periods suck ass. It doesn't change the fact that my periods feel like I'm in early labor about 3-4cm dilated. That's the best I can describe it, and I can because I've had labor.

I'm cranky.

I'm tired.
I'm moody and bitchy.
I don't feel good and everything hurts.

wahhhhhhhhhhh. waahhhhhhhhhhh, cry and dry my eye.

So for now I've opted for the pain management option and then we'll wait until after my January round of Pam to follow up with my Gyne to determine the next step. Until then I'll try my best to avoid the narcotics and anti inflammatory but let me tell you, having three young ones around, very cold weather outside, shitty feelings inside my body, well, I'll swallow that pretty pink pill. I think.

Until then, be glad that you're not my neighbor, I might just chew your head off.


But my Uterus hurts worse.
There, my Uterus one upped my question mark ICON.


Susan's Snippets said...

CB - I know some cookies that might make it all feel better.

dont fretter


Anonymous said...

I have a book for you...
Everyone else run to the book store and buy What Your Doctor Won't Tell You about PreMenopause by John Lee. It's my female-body-bible.

austere said...


No no no it shouldn't hurt like that.


Godawful this sounds.

I know I'm not helping.

Thought of you tons when I read abt that minus 17 degrees in Chicago.

Brad said...

Aw Honey - I'm sorry Pam's being a bitch. Guys have it so easy. But more importantly, where's the tits and ass and sex?

Oh, alright...I'll be good.

I don't really know about the keyboard, but I would try and see if you can get the key off the keyboard and swab around in there with a q-tip wetted lightly with rubbing alcohol. It may free up whatever is sticking and evaporate quickly so there's no water damage.

Hope your feeling better lovee - type to ya soon!

Cheryl said...

You nailed your description of the pain. OWW! And so, so sorry. I hope the pink pills help for now, then find out what's going on. Doubled-over pain is horrible.

When I spilled coffee in my keyboard it went crazy and I had it replaced. I have to call Dell cause my E.R and T have worn off. I've got half a S and N and 3/4 of an M. That's what happens when you have an old laptop. Still, it's better than no '?'

Kelly Jene said...

Oh my love. I again am feeling your pain. PAM just showed up last Friday for the first time in 8 months. It hasn't been pleasant around here. The tears of agony have at least abated for the time.

PTLS.... Post Tubal Ligation Syndrome. Like you said, most docs won't fess up to it, but soooo many women have it. I did. Most of the message board I'm a member of did as well, that's why some of them had tubal ligation reversals, not just to have more babies. Symptoms stopped immediately. Periods back to normal. No more blinding pain and periods from hell.

I love you, despite your lack of question marks.

Take care ok? I'm here if you need me.

Anonymous said...

You poor darling. That sounds absolutely hellish. I hope they can find out what the problem is soon because the last thing anyone wants is to keep taking meds and the other options didn't sound too pleasant either.

On the bright side, at least it will be over by Christmas Day.

austere said...

All Ok?

Diane Vogel Ferri said...

I feel your pain as well. Over here I'm in hot flash HELL!!! Just be careful about the hysterectomy idea. My doc tried it with me a few years ago and I said no. So far so good.

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Great way of writing your story.

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I can feel your pain.Take care of yourself.