Friday, January 23, 2009



His tonsils are swollen, the adenoids and tonsils symptomatically are causing the Sleep apnea, and his lingual Frenulum is too tight.

I'm still tongue tied, but at least we have a better clue. It's up to us, Ben's parents, if we want to have the T and A-ectomies. No, not TITS and ASS removals, people! Geesh!

The tongue twist is common, and does run in families. Yes, as a young little one I too had to have my Frenulum clipped. Tongue Tie has been known to cause issues with feeding, dental, and speech.

FRENULUM! I like that word, don't you?

We will decide what to do is best for Ben. Obviously there is a risk that if we go through all of this and after Ben's recovered, there's a chance that his sleep pattern may remain the same. To be a parent! For obvious reasons there are risks with having a little one have surgery as well, although complications are at 1%, we all know how 1% factors in with this family. I'm not going to assume the worse, I'm just going to continue to do what's best for him without following the suggestions of medicating him at bedtime with Benedryl or Motrin for a couple of weeks. That isn't something I'll do. After all, they used to say when a baby was teething to rub whiskey on their gums, we all know now how "beneficial" that is to a young baby's developing liver. I'm not risking the same thing with Benedryl.

Regardless, it's Friday!!!
We're one step closer to moving out of this new pattern.

Now if you'll excuse me I need to finish my Ben's kidbook called, Bedtime for Benny. This is another idea of ours that is on the opposite side of the medical field, only this assists with children and visualization. Why do you think Children love to see behavior charts and little stickers? They learn from what they see. So I need to finish taking one more picture of Marina's bed and the book will be finished.

Sleep Well.


Kathy said...

At least now you know...doesn't make the decision easier, though, does it? Our youngest as an infant had no tear ducts or at least they weren't patent and had to be opened. She suffered repeated strep and staph infections. I was so frightened about the surgery because of the general anesthesia, but when she was 17 months old, we decided to go ahead with it. The risk of long term damage due to infection was too great. All turned out well.

Brad said...

Poor little guy!

I'd never thought about the ramifcations of giving whiskey to a baby...(hiccup!) but it makes good...(ZZzzzzzz)

austere said...

Atleast you know now.
Good luck with the surgery.

forsythia said...

Always something to make a parent anxious. Our daughter had to have a blocked tear duct opened at the age of one year. She did fine; we were basket cases.

Palm Springs Savant said...

when I was a kid I had to have a frenectomy. to this day I still run my tongue over that spot where it was snipped. blech

Palm Springs Savant said...

when I was a kid I had to have a frenectomy. to this day I still run my tongue over that spot where it was snipped. blech

Anonymous said...

Sleep deprivation... for me, there is no more cruel form of torture (responding to both posts). All mental and emotional functioning goes haywire. I have heard lots of stories where kids got a lot better after surgery and could finally breathe all night. One said her 4 yr old daughter actually wet the bed after and Mom was GLAD that daughter was finally sleeping so deeply.
I was recently whining and self-pitying about my problems and someone said something I found very comforting. He said, these things happen to every one; this is just your turn. I guess he made me realize this is temporary and not personal, but did not diminish my hardship. I don't diminish your hardship either- I FEEL for you and your family. Been there to exhaustion, felt that, it SUCKS! Physical pain, depression, anger, SUCKS! Just want to remind you= this is NOT YOUR FAULT. I love you, and BigDog, and your wonderful boys. I know you guys will continue to make good healthy decisions for your kids. SMOOOOOOCH!!!

Anonymous said...

Only you guys know what's best for Ben.

My daughters had repeated tonsilitis when they were toddlers to the point where their tonsils were so huge with scar tissue that it was highly recommended they have them removed. They were 3 years old. We decided to go ahead because like Ben they were having breathing difficulties and it was the best decision we ever made and none of us ever looked back. I hope it all turns out just as well for you however you decide to proceed.

Susan's Snippets said...

CB - Good luck with it all. Remember a parent never does what they feel is wrong (outside of rare insanity issues) for their child/ren....go with what you think is the best course of treatment.

And continue with the great kidbook sounds grand.


Anonymous said...

You know what is best for your son and you are doing the right thing. In this crazy world that we live in it is absolutley refreshing to see a mom so concerned for her childrens health and future well being! He is lucky to have you! They all are! Stop beating yourself up! You keep that family together and they need and want your strength!

Portia said...

You will all do great. I know it. Luck & love :)

Kelly Jene said...
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Kelly Jene said...

You will make the right decision, you always do.

Both my boys and I are tongue tied. My youngest is so tied that he can't stick his tongue out, when he tries, only the sides go out. It's totally cute.

The docs told us to get them clipped, but we decided not to. Both of them were predicted to have lisps and with Alex a severe lisp. But, praise God, there are no lisps, not even a bit. All sounds come out good.

I sure hope you all find some relief soon. What a stressful situation to go through for every member of the family. I'm praying for you!!
Big hugs and love.