Sunday, February 01, 2009


I am such a passionate person for those "as seen on TV" items.

Like the Perfect Pancake Maker.

Or the Steamer Grill thing-still have it and the recipe cards but don't use it.
I can't seem to find any images of that and I am too lazy to go take a picture of it myself, but one day it will just show up here, and you'll know what it is then.

Or the door draft guards that come in either blue or brown.

Yes, I have all of them and I recently purchased the Snuggie at our Local Walgreen's because I have only been obsessing about it since first seeing it on TV a few months ago. I mean, it is perfect! Think about it, a long comfy blanket with sleeves so that you don't have to be cold when reading a book.

Speaking of book, it comes with a handy dandy book LCD or LED? or LSD? lite. But I waited and didn't take the deal of $19.99 plus the light when aired on TV one afternoon over Thanksgiving break. I waited some more when my son, Jack and I saw it aired again, over Christmas Break in between Cartoon Networks Tom and Jerry and Gumby marathon episodes, but even with Jackson urging me to "do it," I refrained from the phone in order.

Until I was at Walgreen's the other day and noticed it in a beautiful square box. It was beckoning me towards it.
'No need to pay shipping'
'No need to get the news that it's on back order'
'I could have it now, go home and read a book in warmth since my house is set at 66 during the day'
The mind was persuading me to just do it.
So I did it, I bought it.

Typical bubble burst just like the perfect pancake maker, or the steamer grille thing, or the twin draft guards that insulate my home and keep heat and or air from escaping because it just rolls over carpet or any flooring. Yeah, no it doesn't. It doesn't roll over my kitchen door hardwood floor, yet it does roll over my front door carpeted area. It's Styrofoam tubes that you cut to size and then slide into very thin sewn brown or blue, based on your color choice "guards/coverings."

I am a sucker for these things.
This almighty lower your thermostat Snuggie was disappointing to me. I should have known from the past experiencES that it would be.

I could have summoned my good friend to meet me at Jo Ann Fabrics, picked up some yards of one color sale/clearance rack fabric/felt and sewn it together with some arms. I wouldn't need a diagram, all I'd need to do is to have her look at my robe, on me, backwards.

Not to mention I put the thing on and can't walk around in it. It's also full of static. I mean some serious static. I haven't jolted that much since I thought my vibrator was water proof. Suddenly someone out there is blushing, admit it, you are, aren't you?

Seriously though, it was silly to pay $14.99 plus my county tax for something that reminds me of a cross between a hospital gown and when my kids attempt to dress themselves-backwards. With Brian's dress shirts, or my fluffy pink robe. If I want Snuggie I could have just put my robe on backwards, damn it!
The light's pretty damn cool though. Plus Jackson was so excited to try it out with his books. I guess I just need to put her in the dryer with some lavender dryer sheets, and try her again later.

Until then, have you seen how pretty those aqua globes are that hold the water in your plants for you? They're hand blown and very colorful.

Or the blendy pens that when you twist the markers in opposite directions make multiple colors?

Doesn't this just make you want to reach out and hug me?
Or try to sell me something on TV?

***NO, I WAS NOT PAID TO WRITE ABOUT THESE ITEMS! I'm JUST SILLY ENOUGH TO PURCHASE THEM! If you're laughing at me now, you should have seen the phone bill I had back in the day from calls to the psychic friends network. Seriously, when will I learn?

But I haven't tried it at a sporting event, so there are still opportunities for her. If anything she'll keep the perfect pancake maker and steamer grille thing warm in the winter months.


Kathy said...

I bought the Miracle Mop that was guaranteed for life. It broke in about 1 month. Thanks Joy Mangano! Now we know why she's so wealthy. I also bought the Pedi-egg at Bed, Bath & Beyond. I like that though and it works quite well.


it was the turbo cooker=-=I looked at it today!

hmm, Kathy, I've seen the pedi-egg before..does it hurt or take off too much foot skin? Because that product interests me too! :)

Ben's better. fever down to 101today!! :) he has had croup btw before..but so far it seems viral with a chance of ear infection..according to that clinic. :)


Brad said...

Your not alone - I bought the door draft gaurds too. Now we all have to do a new "Door Dance" when coming or going.

Place toe on edge of draft gaurd. Keep toe holding draft gaurd to the door. Close door while hold gaurd in place.

The house still feels drafty.

Portia said...

LOL :)

I have heard more about that Snuggie in the past few weeks than any AsSeenOnTV product ever! Except maybe the Chia Pet, can't beat that thing. Chia pets aside though, I dont trust those highfalutin TV people a bit.

Anonymous said...

I cringe every time i see that damn snuggie! I'm sorry you fell for it beef :) Don't get me wrong....i've purchased other "as seen on tv" items...but the snuggie just pissed me off for exactly the reason you said...a robe backwards, or put on a sweatshirt. I don't's been a pet peeve ever since the stupid commercial starting airing! Done ranting now :) it was 75 draft guard for me!! HA! :)

Martha said...

I've heard of the Snuggie, but I really wasn't sure what it was. I just read an online article recently about how the Snuggie is becoming some pop-culture, hip, cult item. Weird. I bought the twin draftguard thingies from Bed Bath and Beyond a few months ago. Yeah, didn't help much. I am interested in those water globes, though...

Anonymous said...

My confessions:
The Blend-y pens, bought at Walgreens when waiting with my 7 year old for his prescription to be filled. STUPID! Take 2 felt tip markers and and hold their tips together- smae result.
Smooth Away- the hair removal thing "from Europe" made with crystals. Still haven't actually tried them- too stuck in my morning with a razor routine. My 13 year old gave it a shot though.

Anonymous said...

I remember when you bought the perfect pancake maker and it hardly never used it again. Thats why I love ya....

Diane Vogel Ferri said...

i got the aqua globes for Christmas and I'm not sure but I think they work...

Cheryl said...

I bought the door guard. It worked, but I always had to push it in to close the door. I finally got the right kind of door sweep installed. I bought the Green Bags for fruit and veggies and the Brown Bags for bread. The green ones didn't work but the brown ones keep my bread fresh for 2 weeks! My parents have the Aqua globes. Pretty. You need to give that as seen on TV stuff up girl!