Friday, March 20, 2009

Nothing Unusual Here

S: "Mom-Eeee, the guy that's inside my body that breathes through my belly button told me to spit my gum out..."
Mom-E: "where did you spit it?"
S: "On the floor, cuz he told me too...and then he burped through my butt aftehworts."
Sullivan is watching Jackson blowing bubbles through his straw in a sierra mist can.
Sully decides to try it and instead ends up spilling the pop all down his shirt, and it pools around his lap giving off the image that he has wet his pants..
"Jack, it's your fault, you teached it at me."
Sullivan and I talking about G-d and death. Sullivan says to me, "if you die, then dad will get to stay home with us, and then his new mommy will work since she will be his new mommy and not ours. Will she let us go to ToysRus? But don't worry, you'll still be a mommy because when you're in heaven you'll get to tell G-d all of the rules."
Sullivan talking to his almost three year old cousin on the phone this past St. Patricks Day: "I have two things to say to you and that's it, okay?" My nephew replies, "okay."
"Hi and bye." Then Sully hops off his chair in the kitchen and walks away, saying to me,
"here, you talk, you like to talk with phones."

Sullivan having a telephone conversation with his Florida Grandma, but after awhile he wasn't saying anything. At first I thought he was listening to her but after a moment I could tell there was silence on her end too. Shortly after Sullivan says to her, "Sometimes in my head I don't think of anything." "So I won't talk because my head is empty."
Now he's asleep on the couch, curled up, thumb in his mouth, and index finger up his nose.
He was so happy when Jack's school called today to inform me that Jack was in the nurses station with a 101 fever (strep and influenza is being passed around his classroom so rapidly it's like Webkinz on Crack during a Bakugan challenge) because it meant that Sully dodged his Kindergarten vaccine appointment today.

That's all I've got right now. Caring for my sweet smart Jackson that I have a feeling has strep-I hope I'm wrong-I'll find out tomorrow at his 10:20am sick appointment.

Ben was a Benmonster today and is not on my good side right now. He tried to play me by batting his luscious eyelashes at me, but I was like, "nice try fry guy, it's not going to work." He was such a pain in the ass today, messing with everything and anything. Including tipping over the boys wooden toy bin in their bedroom, which has 12 different bins full of Lego's and star wars action figures. NOT cool! I was unloading the dishwasher at the time because I was sick of looking at my double sink overloading with cereal bowls of Cinnamon Toast Crunch and who knows what else when I heard the crash come from somewhere upstairs..

My first thought was to make him take off his socks and walk across the mounds of Lego's, picturing someone walking on hot coals. But then I thought, he'd probably enjoy that, so instead I did the one thing he doesn't like to do; sit still. I made him sit along the wall of their room the entire time I re-organized the bins. Yes I did make him help me pick up a little, but mostly I made him sit. The problem with having him help me with the mess is that he wants sooo bad to touch his brothers toys that to him, to be able to help me pick up the mess, isn't really a punishment. Because he was able to do something he's forbidden to do: touch his brothers toys.

Which is why I decided to go full court press and make him sit along the wall, within reach of the massive mess, hands in his lap and told not to move, blink or even sneeze. What does he do to test me? He lifts his left thigh and makes a fart sound with his mouth. See? I told you, he was being a little piss ant today.

Then, remember, Jackson is home sick, downstairs asleep on the couch. I told Ben many times to leave Jackson alone, and what does the Ben monster do? He walks up to Jackson, leans down and blows in his ear while pushing down on his eyeballs.

Not a big fan of him right now.
Thankfully his slate was wiped clean when he fell asleep and I fell in love with him all over again. That's when the unconditional gene kicks in and all is forgiven. Now if you'll excuse me, I have yesterdays Grey's Anatomy show to watch and I'm not in the mood to proofread, so enjoy all the more then usual errors.


Cheryl said...

You need to keep writing that stuff down. It's way too funny. It'll get you through the tough times. You're one good momma!


yet the biggest fear is failure. Why is that such a common thing with mommas? or is it just me dwelling-lol.

happy weekend Cheryl!

happyone said...

I bet Ben was playing with those toys on the inside! :-)
They are all angels when they sleep aren't they? I loved looking at my kids when they were sleeping!!

Kathy said...

Your kids are darling and very funny. That humor will help you through the 'crap years'. You're a great mom!


Happy one; HA, you are soo right. I am willing to bet he even dreams of them.
They are so precious when they sleep. "he sleeps."


Kathy: Thank you, that was a very nice thing to say although you didn't have to. :) One of my close friends and I chuckle because she tells me Sully is so sitcom material. Maybe I should prep him to be a writer..I can imagine when I hand over this printed log to them someday he'll have plenty of material to use. :)

Anonymous said...

I love this blog about Sully!! He is HYSTERICAL!!!!!!! He truly is something else and I'm glad you're writing this down. He'll appreciate it when he's older and you'll love looking back at it. He has many wonderful creative gifts and you are very blessed. (with all three).
I love you and of course you are a wonderful and creative mother(where do you think Sully gets his creative juices from? :))
what blog do you want me to read?
Love, Heidi