Sunday, March 22, 2009


Please Pray for our friend, her family and their littlest, baby Stellan.
They are in need as their little one is in the hospital with serious heart problems.

"It's okay, don't be embarrassed, it's quite common..."

I am proud to admit that I am wrong and Jackson does NOT have strep. He wasn't actually tested for it, but his Pediatrician said the back of his throat looked beautiful and coated as it should be. We did have him tested for Influenza as that is the one that is causing the most issues within this area, and although he did have a flu shot that doesn't necessarily mean he won't get the flu, it just means that if he does get it, it's hopefully less dramatic.

Why did I just bother with that paragraph up above? After all, he tested negative for Influenza, so she labeled him in the category V for Virus, sent me home with a prescription for liquid pain medicine for his cough and told me to call if his fever persists. That was Saturday. Today is Sunday and as of 9:00am his fever was as high as 103. The older we get, the higher fever we have, the more concerned we should be, but with 2tsp of Motrin within 2hours that fever was hanging around 100.

My biopsy is set for tomorrow and I'll be happily in the sedated world of Valium about noontime. All is well. Results WILL be positively good.

**the picture of Marina was captured after she came home from puppy school yesterday. She couldn't keep her eyes open, it was hilarious! I took a video of her falling asleep standing up (with my cell phone). I'll try and figure out how to upload it here, but I warn you, in my attempts to awaken her by calling out her name, my voice appears to be quite shrill and nails on the wall-esque.
Don't say I didn't warn you.

Please have a Great Rest of the Weekend!


Cheryl said...

Looking to hear good news from you tomorrow. Happy IV Valium.

Kathy said...

That happy juice is soooo good! I want to hear from you afterwards.
Those high fevers sure are scary! Luckily, it responded to the Motrin.

happyone said...

Hope all goes well for you tomorrow. I will be thinking about you and saying a prayer.


biopsy is done. They had to do two instead of one. owie. turns out there is another nodule ontop of the suspicious one.
I'm sore but I'm sure all will be good!

Thank you for your prayers and thoughts. :)


austere said...

My prayers. Waiting.

Yep, she looks like how I look at 10.30 in the night. :)

Susan's Snippets said...

CB -

Any results of your biopsy yet?

Also update me on Stellan and that little Jackson man.

crusty fan