Thursday, March 26, 2009


1. Ben was at urgent care last night for what we thought was appendicitis:
it's not!
It's type B influenza. The concern is his airway because he's beginning to sound croupy so we're watching it like hawks and asking the Top Doc to keep his airway open and keep Ben out of the hospital with bacterial pneumonia.

2. I took Jackson back to the Ped this morning demanding a recheck on the flu virus since he still spiked a fever last night. Besides I think the Saturday Ped doc did a shitty job and barely swabbed his nostril at the appointment he had over this past weekend. The only reason I know this is because I saw how deep the urgent care doc went up Ben's nose for the diagnosis-and he went in and down both nostrils.

Jackson tested positive for type B influenza.

We've been told that we should be "quarantined for 7 days," according to the urgent care doctor. Meaning: keep the kids away from other kids and people that have low immune systems, or haven't had the flu shot-so basically keep them out of the general public.

I wanted to know more on the "how long" time sort of thing, and they said that this strand mimics many different forms and even though the fever may go away, the virus is still around and contagious as long as they're coughing and/or sneezing wet muckies. I don't get it but I don't need to. Only my Top Doc knows and I'll continue to do what my earthly ones tell me too.

3. My angels are with me and my own nodules have came back benign! YES!!! Because of the growth, I do have to return in 6months for another ultrasound, and also because the nodule which was cystic in November, is now partially solid, but who cares, it's benign-I'll ultrasound my thyroid anytime for benign.

4. To read more about precious Stellan an his SVT please click here. MY CHARMING KIDS). She explains it better than I. My job is to continue to pray for him and them..

On that note I'm numbered out, tired, thankful and need to tend to my type b babies. Why things happen, well, Only My Top Doc knows that answer...I'm just given exactly what I can handle, even though you will still hear me bitching about it. :)

*did I mention that Brian failed to get a flu shot this year? Uh-oh.


Cheryl said...

Great, great news for you. I'm so happy. Bad news on the two boys and the family quarantine. I hope no one else gets it. I'm sorry you're going through this. It's too much!!

Kathy said...

So did my husband!!!
Spring is here and hopefully you and your brook are all on the mend.

Real Live Lesbian said...

Excellent news! Hope the boys feel better VERY soon!

austere said...

TG for the benign! TG, Crusty...

Ouch about the boys. Seven days at home and they'll be a handful, I'd think.

Take care. A lot on your plate.

captain corky said...

I'm glad you're good and sorry that the kids are sick.

So how many hours have you logged on to web-md? I remember before we had Max when I used to spend all my free time searching for porn and listening to music on Youtube. Now it's Web-MD this and babycenter that. ;)

happyone said...

Great news about you! Sorry about the kids.
Knock on wood, no flu shot for me and I haven't been sick - not even a cold! :-)

Anonymous said...

Great news! Sorry about the sick kiddos...

Dear Liza said...

Yes, your news is awesome. It had to be, what on earth would any of us do without you?

Oh, how I remember the days with sick kids...and if there is one down sick, there will most certainly be two or more. Keep plugging along, you can do this.

Hugs, friend. :)

Palm Springs Savant said...

if its not one thing its another! Well at you stay healthy!

Portia said...

My dad got the flu shot this year and last year, and also got the flu both years. So, you just never know. But as you said, there's a Top Doc in charge anyway:)