Saturday, April 04, 2009

Bunny Challenge

I picked this up from a writing challenge and adored it, so I'm sharing it with you.

Your challenge is to come up with a marketing idea and pitch it here.

The story line: After years of handing out dyed eggs, the Easter Bunny is in search of a new gift to give to kids. You run a company who's hoping to land the Easter Bunny's account. What's your product and your pitch?

Let's see your answers! Send this to your blogging pals to do too! Here's what to do: Comment your interest in participation in my comment box. Then post the challenge and your pitch in your blog, linking back to here. Let's here what you got. Inquiring bunny lovers want to know.

"Okay everyone, let us get started with our meeting. As we are all aware, this world has turned into a mess over religion, the economy, and concerns over the environment. We all know that the Main Man, Sir Cad Bury Bunny is just tired of all the entitlement egg delivering, not to mention his long term desires of simplifying life and learning how to Co-Exist while improving the environment. Therefore we are the first to announce to you that his company, Eggs For Color has now merged with Bees for Comb. For years there have been drama and competition between the bunnies and the bees, and so after many long discussions between the Queen Bee and Sir Cad Bury Bunny, we are pleased to announce that this merge will mean that at Easter, all the bunnies for Hire will be delivering Beeswax Egg candles instead of eggs. Our Bunny Beeswax is not only 100% natural, but it's a renewable resource. The candles are shaped in the form of eggs, and they come in all different colors! Two major bunny points are the high melting point of the beeswax, which gives you exceptionally long burning time. Plus you can use these candles throughout the year: Birthdays, Passover, Christmas, you name it. Therefore assisting with the economy, helping the world learn how to get along, and still offering the fun hidden game for all the young children. One more thing, Queen Bee and Sir Cad Bury Bunny want to make you aware of the fact that Beeswax is a fantastic alternative to traditional candles, not to mention healthy, and produces a non-toxic, naturally aromatic candle.
By the way, we guarantee there will be no bonuses paid out to the top CEO's of this newly merged company. We're for Main street."

Your Turn..have I mentioned there's a prize involved for the winner? And You get to pick who's pitch is the best.
So get started.


happyone said...

I'm not a writer or a very good sales person, but I like to buy new things - put me down for 2 dozen! :-)

Portia said...

Very cute!!! I say you win:)