Friday, April 03, 2009

chick chat

It's Friday night and I am BUI.
Polka Dot wine that is.
Black Gold.
Texas Tea.
Well, actually it's just wine but'
and yes I am fully aware that the word, my.self should be typed as , 'myself.'

We (the boys, my mother in law and myself) took the train into the city of Chicago today to meet Brian at his firm, this afternoon. My mother in law had flown in on Wednesday to see all of us, (give us a break), so tomorrow night Brian and I will be heading out.

...but what to do what to do...
1) our good friend/neighbors are having a final four gathering and it's so tempting to head over there since we never can just go over there, indulge with drinks and NOT have to look after our own kids. Bring a dish, sip some pom martini's, drive a block and a half west home after midnight, on our man-made bar stool lawnmower..

2)movie "I Love You Man:"-laughs are good and from what I hear this movie will give us those laughs

3)Dinner: At Wildfire: we've had a gift certificate for ever now, and ironically this restaurant was our first date place. I can still recall his khaki pants and how we snuck into the washroom--lol, TMI, and definitely a story for another time.. hold off on categorizing me in the s.l.u.t category until you read the full story. :)

So what should we do?

I have a gift certificate to use at my favorite stylist's salon, so tomorrow at 10:30am, my half brown half urine colored head will be updated and trimmed.

What else, what else:
We're (mother in law, Brian, Jack, Sully and I) taking Ben to his first movie tomorrow, "ALIENS VS MONSTERS" and lets hope it's not a "MOMMY IN MINIVAN WITH BEAVER BEN" sort of flick, right?

Who cares, right?
I mean, seriously. I'm BUI and I like the POLKA.
I'm on wine right now, (is what I'm trying to say) and tomorrow night no matter what we decide:$

1hour motel


Linda S. Socha said...
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Linda S. Socha said...

What a great Post! It sounds wonderful...whatever you do!. I hope a great time is had by all!

Brad said...

It's a tough choice between #1 & #3 there both good. I give #2 a: meh. Doesn't really matter, you've got your man and you two can go play like kids for a bit. Enjoy & DDAIWD - heh:)XO

Palm Springs Savant said...

it's great that you have such options to ponder...enjoy yourself and smile inside

Kathy said...

You go girl!

Cheryl said...

What was the winning choice? Any one of them would be wonderful. I hope you had FUN!!!!

austere said...

Hope you had a great time.

Dear Liza said...

I hope your Saturday night was perfect, and I can't wait to hear what you did...

Okay, fess up on the other story, you can't tease us with bits and pieces..

Hugs friend. :)

Portia said...

Yay for inlaws:) I hope it was a fabulous evening!