Saturday, May 23, 2009

Because I Love Breakfast Recipes, That's Why..

It's not a surprise I'm not a big fan of my son's current pediatrician's office. I haven't been for awhile and it's not because I don't think they're adequate, it's because I think they're adequate-and nothing beyond.-

They're not able to do much more for him, yet they were quick to slap me with a $200 hospital doctor charge because Dr. #10 out of #17, (from this office) stuck his head through Ben's hospital room to say he'll be back to talk later when Ben is settled down. This was during his hospital visit back in November. A $200 charge for smelly air, oh and he must have uttered the word "discharge" to the nurse because the next thing we knew Ben was cleared to leave although the doctor never really looked at Ben, after he was admitted from the hospital pediatrician.

"Naturally Ben has a weak spot," and that's based on doctor #11 from this office because it must be his "Brad Pitt heel."

As a Mom I shouldn't stress out about his labored breathing because this is just what happens to him whenever he gets a regular cold, and since she's a mom she would just stick him in their steam shower, this according to female doctor #9 from this office.

"Nothing to do about this Mom."
"General Anesthesia Mom to check him out by ENT."
"Let it run it's course."
"If treatment's don't work, he'll have to be admitted to hospital for more intensive respiratory care."
"It's just a virus."

So, I did what any mother would do.
Any mother would do after hearing all of these different opinions from different doctors in one (THE SAME) office representing one (THE SAME) company name, and diagnosing many different little children. Never getting close or even a smidgen of a Patch Adam's appeal, to any of the little people waiting ill in the massive doctor's office.

I did what any tired mom would do.
I broke doctor mom code and I took something from them.
I took something on purpose just to spite them.

I stole a magazine straight out of waiting room #7 because there was a recipe on one of the pages. A recipe for a Pomegranate Mimosa that I knew I wouldn't be able to recall off the top of my head being that I had just had surgery Wednesday afternoon and not being on any pain medication at the time, holding my sick little one, hearing the same old different lines from the same old different doctors under the same old name, I took the 20th copy of WEB MED magazine just.for. the. breakfast. recipes.

Because I love breakfast.
I love breakfast recipes.
That's why..

They give me smelly $200 door air and I'll give them one less thing to recycle.

No guilt just a satisfied recipe book for a future fun breakfast dish.


Kathy said...

Go for it! And then look for a better pediatrician!

Ron said...

One piece of advice from another Mom with 30 something children...always trust your "Mom Instincts" when dealing with the health of your children.

... Paige said...

I carpeted a Doctors office one time and they threatened to call the police on me. When for the umpteenth time I took my son in for the same ol' thing.
Finally I grew a set of you knows, and took him somewhere else. Guess what within in 3 weeks he was well and laughing again as opposed to the 9 months of hell we had been going through.
Perhaps it is time to seek another doctor, records can be transfered ya know-they do belong to you.

Dear Liza said...


Hope things are looking up. Seriously, it's time.

Hugs. :)

austere said...

How is he now?

This gets me all angry, and I'm telling meself its not a great idea to threaten to sue them when you have a sick child that needs medical attention then and there.

You are one funny woman, Crusty. But I wish you'd done something worse.


as soon as things settle down in my innards, I'll be moving on with a new pediatrician. My wonderful cousin has given me a fantastic one. :)

TitansFan said...

That's hilarious, Pomegranate Mimosa. I do agree with the Steam Shower treatment. It has worked a couple times for my daughter. She is feeling better and breathing much quieter right afterward.