Friday, May 15, 2009

The Female Adapter -A Lesson In Plumbing-

You should know by now that I am the daughter of a plumber. A very good plumber that is. Matter of fact, my Grandpa was a plumber. A very good plumber indeed.

After all this time I have learned certain parts about the art of plumbing.
One you have to diagnose.
Two you want to use every means possible to determine the problem before having to result in going in and just cutting open the pipe that seems to be having an issue.
Three you have to be patient, able to handle difficult smells, and be good with your hands.

Similar to things that you would hope for in a doctor.
able to handle guts and blood.
and be good with their hands.

In plumbing there are such things as female and male adapters, elbows, and nipples. All these things are essential and used in the world of plumbing. Don't believe me? Click here and just browse the different names of necessary paints that make up the daily canvas of a plumber.

Some plumbers that are more advanced with their skills, like my dad, have learned a procedure such as Televising lines. They use a camera to go in and see what's inside the pipes. To determine length, or what's clogging it up, to see if somethings cracked, broken, name it. It's a smart procedure that can save a homeowner much time and pain when you look at it from a labor charge.

It's nasty being a plumber. I can't tell you how many times I've read on invoices that the plumbers found tampons and sanitary pads in the pipes. Yeah, not supposed to flush those. Or built up grease from pouring it down your sink drains. After time it will eventually clog it up like your own arteries would clog after constant ingestion of all things fatty. They find soap build up and hair clumps in shower drains and sink drains. Just like acid reflux, that burns your throat after constantly assaulting it with spice and caffeine. If you don't take care of your pipes, these things can happen.

Sometimes you just find that pipes are old or are not working right. Maybe a defect from the factory, who knows, as I've never been on the scene, but things do go wrong. No matter, it's the plumbers job to go in and diagnose based on the symptoms of the home, repair it, and hope it will improve. Sure the bill is hefty, but if you get a good plumber, you'll know the difference between price gouging and respectable.

So, next Wednesday I will be having my female adapter parts televised through the belly hole, to determine if the PVC piping needs to be removed or not. To see what sort of build up is hanging around the couplings that my female reproductive organs have. To see if it is endometriosis, or ovarian cancer. More then anything it will NOT be ovarian cancer, but perhaps endometriosis. Plus my left ovary wasn't seen by a trans vaginal ultrasound last Friday when I was hanging out in the Er due to what they think was a ruptured ovarian cyst. So, my plumber-er, Gyne surgeon, is going to go in and release whatever the ovary has attached itself to, and put it back where it belongs. If it's too worn out they will remove it, but that's okay, I have another one.

Besides, my mind will remain solid and believe that it won't need to come out. Good thoughts and putting my trust in whatever happens is supposed to happen. Maybe it's due to THE SHACK that I am absolutely in love with, and now understand why it's such a powerful book, and I am not finished with it yet, but oddly enough after reading it, I see things differently. Balanced and supposed to be. Centered. The Trinity is Centered, not ruling over anyone, but balanced without independence. What happens will be. What matters is my inner light has had some help in improving it's lovely colors, my Soul is smiling rainbows, and my heart is calm without worry. My own mental footsteps are responsive to work on the path that I continue to live in them.

SIDE NOTE: Come to think of it, mechanics are just like plumbers are just like surgeons are just like doctors. It's all very expensive. Yet, the difference is in what each role brings home. Money. Power. Status. See it as equal, if you can, as one is not better then the other. Judge less, balance more, the way it was created to be.

Have a Good Weekend.


happyone said...

I love The Shack too - great book.
I will send up a few prayers for you!!
Love your analogy!
My husband has learned plumbing and he did all the plumbing at the last house we lived in when we put an addition on the house with a bathroom. Sure comes in handy living with a plumber! :-) I think once you do the work you realize that a good plumber deserves every penny he earns!!!
Happy Weekend to you. :-)


I don't want to finish it but I do because I'll just re-read it again. :)

happy weekend to you too!! :)


... Paige said...

I'm sure you will be fine

Ginny said...

Hi Crusty,

May the Force of Plumber be with you!

I hope that your doctor plumbers are excellent and that they get it all figured out with minimum trouble and pain to you.

I like how you compare things btw.

I'll keep you in my thoughts this week and send good vibes & light in your direction.

Anonymous said...

it's funny they have coffee at your gyn, since it's not so great for female issues! it can bother estrogen levels

women with endo need to go to an endo expert and not waste their time with non-experts, they really have no idea what they're doing for doc recc's

you're talking about plumbing - well going to a non-expert is like going to a dentist for your plumbing

kinda crazy

ask your current doc if they know how to do excision, where endo is located or what it looks like - what tools they use, and the chances of recurrence


Paige: Yes, I agree with will be okay. :)


Ginny: Thank you very much! I'm sure all will be good and I can look forward to it being over with very soon!! :)


anon; okayyy, thanks for the tips. Luckily for me my doc is a specialist-so for once, I'm not seeing a dentist.

That's funny what you said about the coffee, makes sense. Just like when the ped's and kids dentist office gives out suckers for happy visits

my guess? even though it is bad for you?-pacification- why? to reduce nerves. or make it a more positive experience.

How long have you had endometriosis? Were you happy with the aggressive approach for uterine ablation?


Remember folks, they're going to see if I have endometriosis while repairing my ovary.. When I had the cystectomy and tubal a few years ago they found just one "suspicious" marking (it looks like a tiny mole) but only one.

We'll know on wednesday what it is and until then I'll wait with my hot water bottle, my favorite blanket (and snuggie too) and a good book with company. If only my good friends were here it would be perfect.

the end

austere said...

A hug.
Wish I could have been there.

You take care, ok?


austie: You are a wonderful friend and you are there..:)

Thanks for everything!! :)