Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Drama Seekers Nothing To See Here

Jimmy has been discharged from the hospital and is now inpatient in a rehabilitation center about 1mile from my home. Jimmy's journey continues. It's a long journey, he needs help with walking, he needs occupational therapy, possibly speech therapy (not confirmed, just a guess), physical therapy and whatever else therapy that they do after a massive brain injury. But he's here.

I had to see my gyne yesterday, and the first thing he said when he walked into the room was, "I hear your brother is making miracles." Small worlds are always noticed when tragic moments occur. Turns out the day that Jimmy's name was mentioned in a beautiful Catholic church in another town from mine, he and his wife were there for a last minute early morning Mass. Before he had to come to the hospital and do the rounds and see one of his patients, me.

Since being discharged from the hospital he's been checking with the Deacon to see how Jimmy is doing. A doctor that has done amazing things for my aunts and I, yet never has met my brother. Truly a wonderful man. He even said, "here on out, if something comes up with you, make sure you have whatever doctor that is on call contact me right away, you have my direct line too."

As far as my female parts go, well, we're going to see what happens when my body stops having periods. If the pain stops, then we'll know for certain without more invasive surgeries, that it's my uterus that is the culprit.

As I type this right now, my sister in law is in surgery. We'll know in a couple of hours whether or not she has lymphoma. The mass is about 2inches at the back of her throat up by her sinuses. My heart breaks for her Mom, the fear that she must be feeling. My heart goes out to her husband, he loves her so much.

In times like these, when the bubble bursts around you and you realize that the only thing that truly protects you is G-D's Will, it makes you realize that any other drama is just a waste of breath. People say things out of anger because they allow their emotions to control their thoughts. Words that are captured face to face, on paper or by phone seem to make a major dent in someones life, until something like this happens.

One of my posts was mentioned on an estrangement site awhile back, and I've been thinking about estrangement because of what happened to my brother, Jimmy. Estrangement to me, is dismissed and determined unnecessary when something like this happens. All of the past hurts mean nothing. All that matters is that I want my family to support one another when something like this happens. It could be asking for too much, we all have different expectations with ourselves and more so with other people, we can at many times set the bar too high in what we expect others to give to us, but to me, with all of this, when this bubble popped right in my face, it was my family that came to be there. It was my family that came upstairs and sat with me because I was unable to join them. It was my family that offered help, prayers, meals, babysitting, you name it. No matter what had happened in the past, to me it means nothing.

You know why? Because if you were in my parents shoes, if you were in my brother's shoes, if you were in my shoe's, going through something like this, I would be there in a heart beat no matter what words were said in the past. Because the past just doesn't matter anymore when someones future could possibly be taken away.

I keep saying family did this, because I have to say that I learned through all of this, all of my friends that came to help and support and pray and offer wonderful words of peace, they too are my family.

Now we wait to see what G-d has in store for my sister in law. Brian's only sister. Brian's only sibling. My heart goes out to Brian as he is up here helping his wife, children and other family, versus being down in Florida with his only sister, showing her the same support that he showed me.

Keep the prayers coming.

I don't know why I titled that, "Drama Seekers Nothing To See Here," just sounded appropriate.


austere said...

My prayers continue.

happyone said...

Good to hear that Jimmie keeps improving!!
How right you are, the little things mean nothing when something like this happens.
I pray all goes well for your sister in law!!!
Prayers continue for all of you.
Hang in there!

Kathy said...

Your life has been trying of late, I know, but full of so many blessings, too -- like realizing how important family is.

Diane Vogel Ferri said...

You have a wonderful perspective on all of this and I'm sure you're a blessing to your whole family, Elizabeth.