Thursday, June 11, 2009

Damn The Pam

Jimmy is doing better. He still has some issues with short term memory. He will occasionally jumble up his words, he still has double vision and dizziness and his platelet count is high, but they're giving him aspirin to help with that. Balancing everything out that's the trick.

Sort of like life. You have to learn to balance it.
One of the therapists that Jimmy is working with put him through a round of different "tests." One went something like this: the bank closes at 4:o0pm, the party is at 6:00pm, you need to pick up the cake before the party but you need to get money out of the bank. Don't forget to get to the post office to mail some packages, but you'll want to be there before the rush period."

Or something like this,
"what weighs more a feather or a rock?"

No matter what your answer may be, and trust me, Jimmy's answer was H.I.L.A.R.I.O.U.S! He told them, "it all depends on what type of feather you're talking about, because based on the size of the rock and whatever type of feather you have, a feather can weigh more then a rock."

Balance and using your mind to juggle life.

For me it's different then Jimmy. Jimmy's journey is a goal to be independent someday. They say maybe September. They say that if he keeps up the strides, or as everyone is saying from the day of the accident, 10:37am May 26th, Divine Intervention, he'll be outpatient by next week. Even the doctors are whispering the big DI! Doctors don't use that term, e.v.e.r!

In all this though, I have to give a serious intense and amazing shout out to my parents. Jimmy will have to move back home, that in itself is a journey. Jimmy is stubborn, wants to do things his own ways, likes to make his own rules and doesn't always do as he's told. (Sounds like his big sister!) He'll need 24/7 supervision and it's not like my parents are going to hire a nurse. They don't operate like that. So they will do it. We will do it. There is a reason that G-d gave them 5 children, to help out their sibling so that they may rest.

They'll need baby monitors and gates. Possibly a hospital bed. They have a business to run and now a son to care for. It's a long road for them and I pray to G-d that he watches over both of them and helps keep them from feeling overwhelmed.

Jimmy's goal is to be out on his own again, but he's still not there yet. Each day he looks better, and believe it or not but once his hair grows out you will probably never see the big scare along the left side of his face from the middle near his ear clear up like a right angle just beyond the hair line. It turns out he even had a bruise on his brain stem. Do you know how close he came to dying? Once the brain stem is impacted, or lacerated, severed, you expire. He just got a bruise. A reminder at how gentle life is, how quick it can be taken from you.

He's probably online right now as we speak, chatting on his facebook page, getting ready to tell his story. I can't wait to read it, he is one amazing writer!

Now, for the title? DAMN THE PAM?

Well that would be because, sigh,..I must be ovulating because my left ovary is really really hurting. My amazing doc said this period will be really nasty because of the surgery, but ouch. I will be taking some meds to cease my period for the next few months. If the pain goes away then we'll know for 100% that it is my uterus and we'll have to go from there at that point. Take it out? You never truly know if there's something "in there" (inside joke Florida vacation with my girlfriends), until they go in and biopsy it and possibly remove it. Not going to think about that, face it or even worry about it now because I am needed for so many other things.

Plus I am happy to report that Brian's sister's mass is benign! More good news.

So, Damn The Pam, screw her if she's going to be difficult this cycle, I'll show her by not letting her visit me at all, removing myself from the map for a few months.

Oh, one more thing, if you would, visit the link called "anna's hope." If you scroll down you'll see the link on the right side of the page. A local young woman suffering from a disease that doesn't usually strike someone at the age of 17. There is a fundraiser for her and all I ask is your visits to the site and some prayers. She's someone local and has touched many hearts.

Keep the prayers and until then remember that sex means that someones hot.



Cheryl said...

Damn the Pam, tears of joy for your SIL, amazing news on Jimmy. It's all going to work out just fine. One day we'll be talking about sipping Margaritas.

Kathy said...

Remarkable news on all counts!

... Paige said...

Very good.

Sorry about the pain and I needs me some of that cease and desist med...I'm tired of this crap. How did the lady in the Bible do it?

austere said...

Excellent news except for PAM.
The brain stem. And the mass.
My prayers.

How are the terrific three?

Dawn said...

So many prayers and I am so glad most things are well.