Tuesday, August 04, 2009


Not once were those words uttered while Jack and Sully had a two week stay with their "Grams and Gramps" in West Palm Beach Florida.
Sully isn't going to learn how to swim until he's ten.
He's smarter then the mayor and Obama.
He drinks Sierra mist because it makes him healthy.
He wants to live there for 60days-and then come home.
Jackson learned how to swim and surf. My mother in law had him in private swim lessons. He enjoyed his quiet time on occasion, especially when he was on the phone with Brian or I. He got childish and enjoyed every minute down there.
Both boys were constantly happy. So happy in fact that they were wired. Wired with excitement. A special memory for the four of them.
And a memory unknown to them, created, to assist with building the bond of brotherhood for their future. Little do their little minds know, but through this trip, it has developed their minds to bring them closer together as siblings should be when they are young.
And at the dinner table tonight?
Well, it feels as though they never left.


austere said...


Kathy said...

And this is all good!

happyone said...

Great pictures, great times, great memories.
Sometimes I miss being an only child.

Dawn said...

Loved the pics. And the insights!

Cheryl said...

Two weeks was a long time to be away!!! Sounds like they had a fantastic time. It must have been really, really quiet at home. So good of you to let them visit their grands and form those special bonds.

Kelly Jene said...

What a fun adventure for them! Looks like they had a blast. It is definitely a bonding experience for the boys. I love how your final words sounded almost poetic. You have a way with words!


Brad said...

Those two look pretty dang happy - Nothin like getting a litle grandparent spoilin!

... Paige said...

Ah that is so nice to have them home

austere said...

Hey, its been a while, hope all is well.

Anonymous said...

How cute this two are looking in
sliders. Hey which place is this?


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