Thursday, July 30, 2009

Santa In July

What was your first thought when you read this title?
Hmmm,...let's see:
1. we woke to gifts of glory under a non tree
2. it snowed in Chicago today (you never know with the summer we're having)
3. Brian was in the mood for some role playing (he can't always play the Jewish Holiday Armadillo)
4. Santa was seen (yeah, at the north pole)

if you guessed four, you are right. AWwww, somewhere some of you are seriously bummed that it wasn't number 3, huh?

Today when Ben and I walked into Target to get some signs for yet another Garage sale that I am having (my neighbors are loving me now!!), Ben was acting up. Usually I would get pissed off about his antics, but because I'm down to one child being that Jack and Sully are in Florida until, sob, Monday evening, I was far more patient this time around.

Matter of fact I was so calm that the only thing I did was think to myself, 'if only this was November or December, so I could pull the old ho-ho out of my hat.' Remember, Ben isn't a big fan of the big old Claus, the Santa man, the red tights and beard.

Then I see Ben pointing, "HO HO HO HO!" He moves closer to me all of a sudden, not complaining about being in the cart anymore. I pick him up and place him "gingerly" into the shopping cart, thinking, 'weird, did I just think that Santa wish out loud? Can the kid that styles his hair to mold it like a Trump Elvis read my mind? 'Did I say Santa Claus out loud?...

' Then, I notice Ben is pointing, and saying, "HO HO, HO HO."

When I look over my shoulder, I see this man wearing a red tight fitting t-shirt. Big Belly full of Jelly. Jeans and sandals and a long white fluffy beard with white fluffy hair.

Holy Shit, Santa in July!
If only I had my cell phone handy I so would have snapped his picture. But then I thought to myself, "nawww, the beauty of Santa is believing in what you can't see."


Midwest Mommy said...

OMG I swear on Sunday when I got an oil change this same "santa' was in front of us. I totally told the hubs I wished I had my camera to take a pic with him, lol

Kathy said...

That's funny!!!

Dznutz said...

I totally thought it'd be #3~!!! Knowing you! ;0)

austere said...


... Paige said...

ok, so was sorta hoping for #3 but I suppose seeing santa is pretty cool. and yeah he wears real clothes when not working. the suit is a uniform like the ups drivers wear brown and homedepot folks have orange aprons.

hohoho, hey just put a t on the end and you have hot hot hot. now thats funny

be well

Cheryl said...

That's so sweet!

What's the update on the housing situation??

Anonymous said...

I suppose seeing santa is pretty cool. and yeah he wears real clothes.

Is this are all real pic?


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