Monday, July 27, 2009

Verbal Vomit

I'm here, just house hunting. to do.
We definitely want to buy to take advantage of the 8000 tax credit that's for sure.

Our landlord called a couple of days after the big change and said that she is going to find an apt for her husband (that's dedication, your husband admits to an emotional affair, you beg him to stay, he doesn't, and yet you go out of your way to help find him a place to rent-what??).

She said she found one that accepts rent for 3months so if we want we can stay. This is all verbal, mind you and she's been verbal vomit before.

Like a year ago. She came to us and said that they were building another home, a bigger one then the one they live in now, and they wanted to sell us this house. So we put the wheels in motion.
Again, more verbal vomit. She comes back later on after we've spoken with some banks and started all of this and that, and says, "we're not going to build that bigger then we have now home, so we're not going to sell this one just yet."

Verbal vomit.

So now she verbally says that her lovely eccentric hubby is going to rent an apt for 3months (I personally think they realized that they'd be missing out on the cash that they get-ON TIME-from us every month), and that we can stay.

But again, it's verbal vomit. For how long too? What's three months?

It's three months, but still.

Verbal vomit.

When people ejaculate words out of their mouth too soon, and then limp around all soft about the pre-ejaculation of their verbal vomit.

Pisses me off.

That's all I've got right now.
Busy looking. Searching. Having yard sales. Cleaning house.

How are you?


Golden To Silver Val said...

Tell her to put it in writing but don't YOU commit to more than that. Then it will give you more time to house-hunt. I would not stay there because their lives are unstable and its overflowing onto YOUR lives and you don't need it. This is an EXCELLENT time for first-time buyers. My boss's daughter just got such a deal on a gorgeous foreclosed home. God works in mysterious ways Elizabeth...He's telling you something. Keep searching. Love and hugs.

austere said...

Yep. legal proof writing, please.
You don't need this nonsense.
How is the health holding up?
How are the three?

Miss you. but take care.

Cheryl said...

I'm with Val and Austere. Get it in writing and find a house you could make into a home.

Susan's Snippets said...

CB -

You already have the answer and 3 months will give you time to look for a house of your OWN!!

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loan applied for!
Love to you all!!