Friday, September 11, 2009

Because I Allow Them To Dress Themselves,...

Jackson went to school today wearing a solid forest green teeshirt and black, orange, and yellow, plaid knee length surfer like shorts.

It was close enough. Could have been a better match, but I wasn't going to battle him over colors.

Sullivan came downstairs proud- "Look Mommy, I'm wearing two shirts in case I get cold or hot: He had a white shirt on and underneath, a yellow shirt. He had put on black soccer like shorts with a yellow signature from the brand.

So, yeah, he matched perfectly.

We're pulling into the vet to pick up a prescription for our Marina, and Sullivan suddenly says, "MOM! I didn't put on underwear when I got dressed today.

OMG! He's wearing those light and loose fitting open to see soccer like shorts.
He was in a great mood all morning long, after getting dressed!
How did he not, feel, the difference?
OMG! What if the reason he was in such a great mood was because he enjoyed the sensation of going commando?!

Before I cause the intercranial pressure to increase in my brain, and meanwhile overheat it so much that even 100 yawns needed to cool it down, will not help the situation, let me finish the no undies story.

So we're in the car, he realizes he put on two shirts and no underwear, (at least I know what threw him off his pattern: shirt, shirt, shorts socks, instead of shirt, undies, shorts, socks. He had the steps, he just double dipped on step one), expresses his discovery, and Jackson starts laughing at him.

He didn't like that. He became Sullen. Hearing silence, I took the opportunity to speak and say, "it's very important for you to put on your underwear, especially when you wear shorts like you have because anyone can see your "France's."

Sully says, "Not my France's, Mom, My balls, the girls could see my balls and that's not funny."

So much for me trying the old, "I SEE LONDON I SEE FRANCE..."

He's only in kindergarten.
He needs help with his fine motor skills and reading skill sets, and he will be working with the school therapists starting next week. Yet I'm not worried, because he knows balls. So what if he can't hold a pencil, trace the letter Ll, or Tt, and he needs some extra help reading and such. The kid knows his balls and he knows it's not a laughing matter for girls or other such people to get a view.

I'm not worried at all.
Which is why, I allow them to dress all by themselves.