Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Would You Worry....

If you walked into the bathroom and saw your tube of Vagisil sitting out on the counter near a still wet Sponge Bob toothbrush, would you worry?

Would you touch the tip of your child's wet toothbrush to see if it held any sort of "vag" on it?

Would you?

I did.

Then I remembered:
Jackson can read. No way would he have mistaken Shrek Toothpaste for the pink small tube of itch cream. I would have heard any single one of them scream out in holy terror, "MOM!! I can't feel my tongue cause the toothpaste tasted weird!!"

Oh, yeah, and the fact that I had taken a Tylenol PM due to a booboo on my big toe (fractured it). Sometime during the night, I woke up feeling the effects of what antibiotics will do to the female body, and I guess after a bathroom visit, I didn't put the tube back in it's proper place.