Friday, October 30, 2009


68 degrees outside today in the burbs of Chicago.
But, before you congratulate me on my observation, please take note that it is nasty ass outside.
It's windy and rainy and Sully keeps saying, "it's gonna tornado!"

Naturally on the day that we have 2 Halloween parades to watch.
In the morning it's Ben's school, they'll be paraded around outside the school
as all the parents oooh and ahhh.

I've always wondered what goes through their little minds as they see all these strange people staring at them, pointing, laughing, giggling, awwwing. Strangers making comments about the boy in the spiderman mask that can't see beyond the webs because it's almost backwards on his face. Or about the boy dressed up as a bubble gum machine, as his 1cent hat penny falls back behind his ears. Or about the girl in the mermaid costume, not even able to walk because the tail is so tight, she sort of shimmies along with the class.

Ah yes, preschool costumes and kiddies galore. But thankfully not with candy because of all the allergies: kiwi, gluten, dairy, peanut, tree nut, strawberries, name it, someone in that school has one or many of that, the poor things.

But again, I've always wondered during these charade parades, what must be going through the little people's minds as they stare (if they can see through their masks) at all of us smiling at them. I bet some of them are all, "What's up with those freaks?" "I feel like I'm doing the walk of shame." "So is this what the scarlet letter is all about?"

Nah, probably not thinking those specifics, but to be a cell in their brain during these occasions. I'd give as many fat cells to you as you'd like, to be able to spend 3minutes in their brain.

So we have Ben's parade in the morning.
Then this afternoon it's Jack and Sully's school parade.
The K-5th graders.
Far more mature,
and generic.
No, I'm not saying that it's boring, I'm just saying that you'll see more Clone Troopers, Storm Shadows, Dorthy's, Smurfettes during these parades, versus the ones from the preschool.

It should make for a fun day.

Yes, I was right, the parade this morning for Ben was ADORABLE! Especially him!
He's Eddie Munster this year! It was either that or Ben Aflac (he'll be that next year--I ASSUME ALL RIGHTS SO DON'T CLAIM THIS AS YOUR IDEA, PEOPLE! geesh).

But back to the parade, so cute. all the little classes walking around-inside a very cramped gymnasium, because although it's 68degrees out, it was raining and really windy.

I enjoyed it so much that I didn't even realize until at least an hour later back at home, that my zipper was down. Then I remembered: "SHIiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii--FT change, I was in a race to get out the door this morning with Sullivan, to get to Ben's school parade in time, since parking is always a mission, and I had to pee, so I quickly peed and buttoned my jeans, washed my hands and then zoom we were off. But I never zipped up my zipper."

Damn the man, they've made all these alarms for so many things, even remote controls. So why can't they create one for the zipper, to warn you when you're exposed?

I leave you now, with EDDIE MUNSTER!

Have a wonderful Halloween, All Saints Day, Saturday, or whatever it is that you'll refer to, tomorrow.


KathyA said...

Have a great time and bundle up!

austere said...

Am I glad the parade was indoors!

tc, Crusty.

Gypsy said...

You have the cutest kids in the world, I swear to God.