Tuesday, November 03, 2009


Halloween was fantastic! The boys (well, Jack and Sully that is) managed to trick or treat from 3:30 until about quarter of 8. Granted they all stopped at a house dubbed "THE OASIS," so the dad's could take a pee and beer break and the kids could warm up for a bit.

After they returned home from trick or treating (even Ben did good, he lasted about an hour before Brian called me to come pick him up-impressive for little feet-), our house turned into the Halloween party house and soon enough we had three different families and about 6 or 7 or 8 additional kids.

I had quite the headache Sunday morning. Compliments of wine, that is.

Then the phone call came in. A flustered friend apologizing before explaining why they were apologizing.

Their offspring woke up in the night, sick. 103 fever, and headache.

Oink oink, yes, the poor thing had swine.

So, we've been watching the kids since then, but frankly I'm not that concerned.

Well, I used to be concerned, but that was before I knew that there were at least 4kids in Sully's class out with Swine.

So, if it should happen to prey on our little ones bodies, then we'll take it from there. Just hoping that if they do catch it, it'll be minor, like most of the kids in their school, and that nothing goes too wrong, especially with Ben's respiratory issues.



Jamie said...

Your halloween sounds wonderful, except for the headache. That is why I no longer drink wine, btw. I suddenly started getting these headaches...

But anyway, I hope you don't get the dreaded flu in your household. Frankly, I think you all have had enough of that illness crap.

Hugs, friend. :)

Brad said...

Bless their little candy coated fingers - I hope they stay healthy - but your right not to worry - whatchyagonnado anyway?

Our 'Trick or Treaters' consisted of the 3 racoons that tried to break into the mudroom!

austere said...

Your Halloween sounds great except for the acchooo!

Good luck.

Cheryl said...

That was an early start to trick-or-treating. Glad it was a fun night. Hope the headache was worth it :))

Hope your kids stay well. Your family has used up this year's quota of sickness, wouldn't you say?

Moohaa said...

Hoping your kids don't catch it! Though I have heard a lot of cases aren't as bad as some are portrayed, its still not good with the respiratory stuff. Big hugs and love.

Palm Springs Savant said...

its all you can do to keep the kids healthy. No flu!

Anonymous said...

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