Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Let's see, so far, since last post here's a few of "whats doings?":
  • had a few colitis attacks
  • threatened my youngest when he wasn't listening by meowing (he's terrified of cats)
  • ended up on the very last inch of our king size bed due to Marina in the middle and Ben smashed up against me (karma for the kitty, I guess)
  • Had a can of coke-(I'm assuming that didn't help the attacks)
  • managed to have constipation and diarrhea in one sitting (impressive, huh?)
  • sang happy birthday to Marina, because she turned one on Nov the 7Th (she also got a cookie cake bone treat, a soccer ball squeaker, and two big bones)
  • helped out in Sullivan's classroom
  • got raving reviews on Jack, Sully's and Ben's parent teacher conferences (which means that suddenly I'm seeing Jackson at NASA, Sullivan winning LAST COMIC STANDING, and Ben, THE CEO OF RED BULL-all that from little preschool and elementary school conferences)
  • cried during the Veterans day Ceremony that Jack and Sully's school had this morning
  • spent time with my Mom
  • spent time with my brother, Jimmy, IN HIS NEW PLACE!!
  • started planning Jack's birthday party (he turns 8 this Saturday), but then decided to hold off on the kid version of his party (we just finally had Sullivan's birthday kid party-only 3months later)
  • farted and blamed the dog
  • dreamed about playing barbies
  • had a normal Period (well, my sort of PAM normal, but it felt good to hurt, if that makes sense?)
  • realized how much I miss my Maternal Grandma on her birthday (Nov 7th)
  • spoke with my cousin from AZ (the cousin who's mom just passed away)
  • "made" Jackson do his extra credit weekend homework
  • assumed the scapegoat role for Jackson (he's teaching me how to handle conflict, fancy that!)


  • Made certain to implement my "play on words" with Sullivan during an "interrogation lesson." Why? Because Marina had walked up to me smelling like blueberry chap stick, and I happened to notice blue markings on her tan fur, so when I asked Sullivan what that was all about, he claimed he didn't know. Out came the "play on words," and I said, "now Sullivan, you DO know that I have cameras in my head, and that if I need to, I can play them back to see something that happened, even if I wasn't right there when it happened. Do you want to tell me the real truth on what happened, or do you want me to consult my mind cameras? Because when I do consult them, and when they show me the true truth, that it was you that decided to give Marina's fur a bit of chap stick love, you're going to be in more trouble for lying, then for marking up Marina's fur. So how do you want to handle this?"

So, what have you been up to?


Golden To Silver Val said...

LOL, the 'chapstick incident' stirred up an old memory. I had my kids thoroughly convinced that I 'had eyes in the back of my head' and they would get away with very little because of it. One day I fell asleep on the couch while the kids were watching cartoons...I awoke to my daughter carefully (so she wouldn't wake me) going through my hair at the back of my head....looking for my 'eyes' back there. LOL, its funny what kind of stuff kids believe, isn't it?

austere said...

Great to hear from you!
its been the usual work- home- work here, but we had a cyclone alert y'day so that made for a bit of excitement. The cyclone changed track, btw.

Missed you.

Ashley said...

was there a confession?

Jamie said...

Love it! I remember the day my youngest announced that there was NO WAY I had the powers I said I had all those years...yes, then the jig was up. But enjoy it while it lasts!

Happy Thursday! :)

KathyA said...

Can just see you meowing! Priceless! As moms, we do what we gotta do!