Friday, October 09, 2009


I'm so behind.
So whenever I read MckMama's NOT ME MONDAY, I always say to myself, 'I so have to start doing that because I think I've only done it once or twice.'

So being that I feel absolutely behind on many things, I feel the urge to complete a "Not Me," today, versus on Columbus Day:

I absolutely did Not contemplate wiping up the dust on my living room tables with the fluffy end of my robe.

Nope, Not me!

I totally didn't remove my pink fluffy robe and use the sleeves to sweep up the artful dust that covered my living room coffee table.


I for sure did NOT love that idea so much that I moved onto the other tables situated in my living room, dusting them with my robe sleeves.

I did not dilute my sons milk cup with some water because we were running low on milk and it was raining out, and Ben hadn't napped, and it was the bewitching hours. So, no, I did not divide up the remaining milk by adding a little bit of water to one of my sons cups. Because I do not know my children and I did not know that one of them would be the type to make sure that everything is even, shared equally.
I did not consider diluting the milk cup of the son that had been given the "biggest jack ass off the street," award of the day.

I did not video tape my son having a temper tantrum because I wouldn't give him a cookie.

I definitely did not continue to taunt him when his cries would slow, by whispering loud enough so he would hear me, the word, cookie.

It most certainly broke my heart that I was prompting him to cry because he refused to eat his lunch, so I refused to give him a cookie, and instead, record his antics.

I followed the rules and left the tabs on, inside the LINCOLN LOGS container because I have never wondered why those two side panels say, "DO REMOVE!" So I did NOT remove them.

I totally didn't turn on my children's bedroom lights so that one of my close friend that ended up getting stuck in Chicago for the night, on her way to North Carolina from Arizona, (a week ago this past Tuesday)all for the purpose of her being able to see my boys faces-at 11:30pm at night-on a school night.-

I didn't wish that they would wake up so that she could hear their voices.

I didn't freak out the other night after Ben whacked his head on the table, getting a nice gash in the back of his head and a lump the size of a silicone implant size A. I did Not continue to check his pupils for irregular dilation and test his reflexes continuously, for fear of a brain bleed.

But I definitely spazzed when I saw the cut on the back of his head and I totally just knew that I had to rush him straight to the ER because he would need stitches.*

I do NOT love the fact that Marina follows me around all day and sleeps under my feet at the computer desk.

I am not obsessed with the fried donuts that the french market has every Saturday and I have not thought about them at all, all week. Nope.

Not the smells of them coming out of the fryer and spinning around on a white dish.
Not at all waiting for me.
Not at all plotting out my plan to walk up to the young men working that booth with a cup of black coffee from Starbucks, because last week he gave my close friend and I a discount off a dozen for bringing him a cup of coffee.

Seriously. I have never dreamt about donuts this much.

Never have despised the taste of these fried melt in your mouth tubby tube makers.

I don't plan on trying to talk Brian into having "son time" with Jackson for his CubScout Popcorn sale outside the Hardware store tomorrow. So that I will NOT walk my other two boys into town with me, towards that white booth situated near the railroad tracks beyond the corn and the flowers, to give a man a cup of black coffee so I won't order a few dozen of the hot fresh powdered, fried, sugared, melting, battered yummies.

On a discount.

Nope. Not Me. Because I am a serious Health freak!

Happy FRIDAY!!

*Ben is okay..and no I did not take him to the ER because I knew that the cut, although it was bleeding, wasn't deep enough, or long enough to even deserve a stitch. But the entire night I was paranoid that his brain was swelling. Oh man, what am I going to be like during nursing school??*
Heather Spohr was blasted for getting pregnant so soon after losing Maddie. Dumb ass blogger bullies!! If you get a chance, swing by her place and give her a little hello. (the Spohrs are multiplying!) And remember, when mourning: “When life is lost, time isn’t measured in minutes, it’s mourned in moments..and time never ends until our souls take flight.”


Jamie said...

Hello there - I LOVE these posts that you do....they make me laugh.

So, DID you have the donuts? Because I DID NOT walk into an ice cream store to pick up a birthday cake and bring out the cake along with TWO scoops of cheese cake ice cream..good heavens, not ME.

Hope your kiddos are behaving and feel bump free, but if not, have a glass of wine.

Hugs, E. :)

Moohaa said...

I so did NOT love this post so stinkin much I left with a big smile on my face!! :o)

Hugs my waterfall friend.

As for the naysayers for your expecting friend, they can all go to hell in my opinion. There is no way they can know anything of what is going on in that family.

Cheryl said...

This was NOT one of your best blog posts. Yes it was. I loved it. I wish I could convince myself that I am NOT eating a Klondike bar every night and that my stomach is NOT getting bigger every day.

Happy Sunday!