Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Tubby Tube

The medication isn't working..
I am still bleeding.

I have some polyps down in my intestines..
so we'll see what my Gastro has to say at my appt on Thursday.

I'm feeling insecure..
can't tell you why.

No really, I can't tell you why.
Too personal.

Except for the fact that I have grown an inner-tube around my belly.
Don't think I like my short hair anymore.

And am just tired.

But before you start saying, "Oh, CB, I'm sorry,.."
Because it's not that I'm depressed.
Nor am I in a bad place.

I'm just gaining weight (BUT that's a good thing!).
Feeling insecure (BUT I can't tell you why).
And am feeling all Polly Pockets (that's how I picture Polyps in the beginning of my large intestine).

What about you?
Remember, I don't want sympathy. This was just a vent. Can't you feel the forced air coming out of it?

I can.
Because I'm floating on my tubby tube.


Jamie said...

So no sympathy here, from me. How about this? Your writing makes me laugh. Even in your worst of times, I love your style. And I want you to know that I know how all this medical sh** can make us feel about ourselves. And that is NOT sympathetic. :) Hugs, friend.

Dawn said...

Venting is good. Let it all out.

Martha said...

I have an inner tube around my belly--and I can't even blame it on medical issues! Boooo! Glad you got some venting out; it does help.

Cheryl said...

Inner tube here too. Klondike bars, etc... I can't help myself. I didn't know about this latest thing with you. I'm glad you told us. How did today's appointment go?

SOUL: said...

well, i have obviously been away too long.
sorry you're having even more medical stuff goin on. i know how that is. i hope you get all patched up and feel better soon... and your tubby tube goes flat!
despite it all, i hope you manage to pull a happy weekend out of the blahs

austere said...

Hi Crusty.
that's allll.