Thursday, October 22, 2009


Take a guess.
Take a gander.
Be a goose and leave your answer.

I will reveal what it is (and who is right) when the comments have reached 25.
Is that manageable?
probably not, but it's always worth a shot.
Plus the person to guess right, wins something.
So you can guess as many times as you want.
One guess per comment.
If there are multiple right answers (DOUBTFUL)
then we will have Sully draw from the random virtual online mad hatter.
*Oh, by the way, if you're ever in Illinois, and you're here during the Fall months, and it's before Halloween, you Have have HAVE to go to Dan's Candies in Joliet. They have the most tastiest, delicious yummy caramel apples you'll ever taste. They make their own caramel, and it has the most delicious buttery not toffee but hard to explain it taste that I have loved ever since my Grandma would buy us each one when we were kids. Now my awesome mom is doing it. Following in her mom's footsteps, she dropped some off the other day for the 5 of us. SOO Delicious! (Please, if you will, also try their G-shaft candy, seriously, delicious too, if you're into unique tastes)
So, Dan's Candies, there are 2 locations in Joliet. Go to the one on Plainfield road, and thank me later, when your tummy is warm.

Click on their link and just scroll down to view their homemade never told recipe caramel apples!
Tell them that One Crusty Mom sent you.


Karen said...

I think the toothpicks were used to clean bits of gunk from some hard to reach place, but since I can't think what that gunk is, I guess this won't qualify. :-)

SOUL: said...

what was the question?

thanks for stoppin by yesterday -
it means a lot ya know.

tweets , and happy monday!

Moohaa said...

Looks like they were used to test and see if brownies or cake was done being cooked all the way through.

Was that the question?

Anonymous said...

Oooh, ooh...I know!! Gum out of one of the kids shoes!!?? I'm right...what do I win? :0)

Cheryl said...

Goose poop picked out from the soles of shoes using toothpicks.

Cheryl said...

Dog poop picked out from the soles of shoes using toothpicks.

Jamie said...

Whatever it is, it doesn't look fun...teeheehee.


No idea. And I wanted to win!


Jamie said...

I got it!

It's halloween makeup!