Thursday, December 24, 2009


Not just children with cancer, but children, young adults, teens, that are laying in a hospital bed somewhere, because they're facing a battle far more serious then a ruptured appendix, or a tonsilectomy.

So this year, please remember these children, their families,...and keep them in your prayers:
With that I give you something I wrote and sent out today via email:

In many hospitals across this land, as we prepare our ham, and roast beef, there are terminal children laying in their gowns, limited to their beds due to absolutely zero infection fighting abilities as they battle anything from brain cancer, leukemia, battens disease, pick an illness that could be terminal, and you name it. There are children in the icu unit on their last few days. There are children that may not make it to Christmas.

There is a family that started a Christmas drive for all the many children in these hospitals-because, like those children, this particular family has a 5year old daughter, fighting to survive, undergoing her 5th round of chemo to fight a brain tumor so rare, you have to hope that God will give them continued Faith as well as complete healing for their 5 year old daughter. Not only did this wonderful family start this Christmas drive, but with each Christmas gift donated and sent to the hospital, they also included a bible to give to each child.

Here is what this mom said about delivering the gifts for the Christmas drive. (remember, her own daughter is fighting a fight they never imagined. Remember, that this little girl will have to be in the hospital, during Christmas, and during her birthday this month, as their other 2 children (approx. age 7 and 3) are not able to be with their parents, or sister, at the hospital, due to this particular chemo round and the fact that Kate has zero fighting abilities due to these chemicals. A family divided on Christmas, not because of divorce, but because of an illness, diagnosed June 28th, or 29th (cannot recall) of this year. Two children in their home with their Aunt and Grandma. Their sick sister laying in her hospital bed, dealing with mouth sores, stomach pain from the morophine, throwing up, having a tube up her nose to help assist with nutrition, having to pee almost every hour to try and get the toxic chemicals that hopefully will have shrunk this tumor. A girl with so much spunk you'd ask to borrow some. A girl with a twinkle in her eyes whenever Spongebob or Hannah Montana ends up on the tv in her room.

Here are a few snippets of what this wonderful amazing mom said:
"We were able to deliver a few more gifts today. We were touched by the reception my mom and sister received at another local hospital's oncology department when dropping off gifts. They were short on donations this year. They wrote a touching email saying one boy just kept walking by the packages for about an hour trying to choose his. He however knew just which one he wanted, he was just passing time allowing the presents to be a needed distraction from his treatments.

A mother here today, told one of the staff that she was so very grateful, no one had ever done anything like this for their family, ever. One mom told me that she knew the Bible would be her daughters favorite gift she received. So that is the only way we can thank so many of you who participated. With the thanks of those who were very touched by your generosity."

"So yesterday we learned that the little girl who we delivered presents to, the night before, went to be with Jesus. On her birthday. The mom with many tears gave me the presents back when I saw her again, saying another little girl would be able to enjoy them now. I cried as I took the gifts knowing they would not need the added reminder that their little girl would not be opening her birthday presents."
*to learn more about this mom, her daughter, Kate's daddy, and their family, pls click on the links to the right of this page titled:

Let this be a reminder to us all.
Merry Christmas,
Much Love,
One Crusty Mom-E, Big Dog,
Jack, Sully, Ben
and Marina-arf-

"This will remain the land of the free, only so long as it is the home of the brave."
~Elmer Davis


Palm Springs Savant said...

We must all be thankful for every blessing we have. As you point out there are people with lost of difficulties, sadness and heart-wrenching situations. Thank you for reminding us all to keep those kids in our prayers.

Jamie said...

I will pray for them. Thank you for reminding all of us how very rich we are.

E---have a blessed day. Big hugs. :)

SOUL: said...

just swingin by to say happy christmas to you and your beautiful boys-- and hubby today
have a very happy day!

Gypsy said...

Some people are just angels here on earth and their courage is amazing. Its so unfair for these children to have to suffer so in their young lives. It brought tears to my eyes and gratitude to my heart that my daughters were spared any serious illnesses when so little.