Sunday, December 20, 2009


So far (and so far means 7:52am) these things and thoughts have either passed through my mind or actually occurred, or both:

------Our boys were sent money from my mother in law, for Hanukkah. We "promised" (BRIAN PROMISED!) that we would take them to Target today to pick out their gifts. Unfortunately we were unable to take them yesterday because my Great Uncle passed away and the service was yesterday (what a magnificent service, equipped with two aerial ladder Fire trucks with their ladders raised, and American flag attached to both of the buckets and as we drove into the cemetery, we drove under those very ladders. Firemen, over 30firemen standing along, saluting, in the Church, and at the cemetery-a remarkable way to pass on (story some other time) and a remarkable service celebrating his life. So, yes, yesterday was outski. About 7:20 am the boys came down the stairs and reminded us that at 8am today, they go to Target.

Brian and I were beached. So not wanting to go that early. Regretting making that commitment. I've recently been in the hospital (yet again couple+ weeks ago) and we had a busy day yesterday with funerals and my dad's company party and a neighbor friend hanging out with Brian and some football and beer. So I so just wanted to ease into our morning today. On Saturday we were up by 5:00 preparing to prep for funeral. (Boys were home with our awesomest sitter).

My head, my head that allowed myself a cup of coffee this am-a half highly diluted cup of coffee-although since the most recent attack, I have been off the stuff and only on minimal liquids and unfun food, today I dedicated my cup of coffee to my Great Uncle. So, my head. My thought, right? I thought to myself as Brian took his morning "read," hmmm, they wouldn't know it if I set the clocks back about an hour and 30minutes. Make sure they don't watch normal TV (to see the time), and unplug our clock radio.

Yes. I was just about to do that. Because I am "that type of mom," when it! happened:

They fought.

Sweet! Immediately I said to them, "that fight has just cost you an additional hour, we will not be going until 9:00am. If you fight again, it's 10:00am..

This is the first time I'm actually hoping that they'll fight. Hmm, maybe I could go take Jack's stuffed animals off his bed, put them in Ben's room, tell Sully that Ben is throwing Jack's animals and pretending to hit your invisible ones that are still on your bed but pretending to be on Ben's bed and I bet you my toddlers tushie that they'll fight.

WHAT?? They do it to me-although they don't do it to me, they don't do it to piss me off. They fight because they do. Only adults do crap like that-things to intentionally piss off other adults-wait-so do kids-it's called, 'instigating.'

So that on The Sabbath.

Then, Marina, poor baby arf, was spayed on Friday. We picked her up yesterday only to see that she was peeing blood and thankfully, there. They checked and apparently she had a UTI (not sterile enough catheter?)!! SO ticked. So, because she's my girl, I pulled out the same sick sheets that the kids used, pulled out the sick bowl (and put her food in it) and pulled out the big sick cup, and poured water into that, set up the couch all comfy and tucked like, and Bri picked her up (54lbs) and put her on the sick sheets on our living room couch. She's in pain, it's obvious. We did opt for the pain medication for her (kids and all, so need to help take edge off) and she's on antibiotic for her UTI, that she came home with. I sat there and held the cup (like I do for the boys), and brought out her food in the sick bowl (like I do for the boys) and fed her as she lay on the couch.

Not like any of that was bad, it's actually awesome. I'm not one of those that give my dog birthday parties and invite other dogs (But on her birthday she does get gifts to open up), and she's my best friend aside from my BIGDOG! Each time I've been sick, ill, rushed to the hospital, she has laid by my bed, right next to me, concerned. When in the hospital she sits on our bed and looks at the spot were I sleep, and cry and whine. She is such a codependent awesome dog. I mean, just awesome. She must think she's a human, or a 10lb meow, because we do allow her on our couches (they're older so I'm not anal=plus it's only fair, because I allow my boys on them=), and she'll climb up and climb up behind us, on the couch. Like she's some tiny BIG mountain Lion. She is a great dog, and it breaks my heart to see her sad and in pain.

So that's another reason why I don't want to go to Target. Because I don't want to leave my lil girl.

There was one more thought in my head, that was crazy. OH yeah! I almost had the boys convinced it was Monday-just for a quick lesson on training and trusting their memory and instincts-what?!! That's not bad, is it?


What are you up to today?


Palm Springs Savant said...

You are a good woman! I love to hear when people are close to their pets and care for them to that level. I'm the same. My pets provide so much love and affection I couldn't imagine life without them.

... Paige said...

purdy crusty for sure. so how you doin, really?

Jamie said...

I used to play those kind of games with my kids, too. But it wasn't more than a year or two before Janelle knew what day, what time it really was. Where did I get such a smart kid, anyway?

I am sorry that you have had another bout with your problems..good heavens honey, you've had enough this year for sure.

I hope your week is wonderful and filled with the holdiday spirit. And, I am happy to see you posting again. Big, big hugs. :)

Diane Vogel Ferri said...

Thank you for the card. I LOVE getting pics of kids - I always save them. Elizabeth, I hope the new year brings many blessings to you and your beautiful family - and good health! Diane

KathyA said...

Shoveling out!

Gypsy said...

I just wanted to stop by and wish you and your beautiful little family a safe and happy holiday.

prashant said...

I love to hear when people are close to their pets and care for them to that level. I'm the same. My pets provide so much love and affection I couldn't imagine life without them.

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austere said...

how is Marina doing now?
Give her a hug from me.

Anonymous said...

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