Monday, May 03, 2010


We moved!
The move itself went well considering we have had since March to move things in slowly. That makes a difference, especially when it comes to moving day. My immediate family and awesome spouses helped us make the final move on Saturday, and they were all unloaded in our new home by 3:00pm. This also included bringing in all the furniture pieces we had stored in the garage on one of our many other trips out here.

It feels good.
It feels different.

It feels great to finally have wireless and not be limited to one area. We're getting to know our house and all her sounds and light fixtures and it's such a fun exploration.

Nothing bad has happened to us in this new home. No flu's, no fights, no colds, not sadness. Fresh board of living we have to look forward to. Freshly painted walls that might have a couple of happy prints from our boys, but that's good, it's a new start.

I'm not rushing to unpack everything, because why? I can take my time, and I will. We hopefully have the rest of our 'young lives' to unpack in here, and why rush. Instead we're running around with the boys downstairs in the basement. Playing tag and throwing foam Nerf footballs, and drawing chalk all along the basement floor. It's already been turned into a Sports/hopscotch/scooters/Foosball/chalk floor room. (How awesome is that going to be in the dead of winter! I'll ship them straight down to the basement where it's like being outdoors, without the snow.)

As soon as I have a few more things situated, I'll happily get some pictures up and out on here. But I can't find my cable for the camera and laptop.

Speaking of can't find,...have any of you seen a box labeled, "saran wrap, zippies?"


KathyA said...

We moved 11 times in our married life. And this past weekend, we moved our daughter and baby into their new home. Soooo been there! Blessings in your new home.

Happyone :-) said...

So happy you are happy in your new home. I love moving! I wish you much happiness there. :-)
We've moved 11 times too just like Kathy!

Cheryl said...

SO happy for you!!! Take your time and enjoy. Post pictures when you're ready. Congratulations :)

austere said...

May your new home be ever joyous and happy.

Yep, take your time. :)