Wednesday, May 26, 2010

One Year Ago Today

One Year Ago Today
Our Family learned what tragedy feels like

We learned about not being able to be in control
We learned that a tragic moment, as tragic as "ours" was,
doesn't always end with tragedy

For us we were lucky
He was lucky
He was given another chance
To relive his life

He is
He's in school for radio broadcasting
He's producing and speaking on his own online sports talk radio station

He has changed
Changed with empathy, compassion, thankfulness and you name it

He experienced pain one year ago today
Pain that he doesn't remember
He still cannot recall the accident

We experienced pain on year ago today
Pain that when we allow ourselves to think about it
We can still remember that day
Those feelings
The Pain

I'm thankful that in this circumstance, G-d allowed my brother to be given another chance.
But my heart also breaks for so many others, who, have not been granted that opportunity.
Be thankful today.
Stop and say a prayer about your family.
Breath them in
Share them
Love them
Be there for them

In one second, it could change.
I'm grateful that G-d didn't allow us to experience the full version of what that pain could have been like, had my brother been called Home to Him, instead.

Thank You.


Happyone :-) said...

I can't believe that happened a year ago already!! So glad that your brother is here to enjoy life.
I am so thankful for what God as given me and I thank him every day. :-)
Have a good one Elizabeth!!

austere said...

You were incredibly blessed.