Sunday, May 30, 2010


Once upon a time there was, "this person."

"This Person" was the type of person that expected to be first, treated first, bowed down to, and followed, This person would turn away from you if you didn't follow in their footsteps, or follow the vocal steps they would provide.

This person spent their life putting them before everyone-including any children involved in the picture-

If you disappoint (cancel) this person, the back will be turned and the room painted a pretty iceberg white, for how dare you cancel on this person!!

This person is rude, especially to the ones that help out the most.
This person is always right, never wrong.
This person always says that it's never their own fault, rather "the others."
This person will increase in cruel negative ways the more they age.

This person was invited to a BBQ.
The Hosts went the extra mile to include who is being invited, because "this person," has issues with so many people, this person will always ask another, "well, who's coming? I don't want to go if "they're" going to be there."

Unfortunately the BBQ had to be postponed and the host made attempts to contact "this person."
Only was not able to get through. Calling out the resources, assuming that the reason this person wasn't answering was because this person still has issues with the host(s).

When the host's resource informed "this person" that the party has been postponed because one of their own little people, had just woken up with a fever.

The BBQ set for Sunday after 1pm.
The fever showed up after the little ones nap, about 2:45pm on Saturday.
The cancellation announcement went out around 3:00pm Saturday, both electronically, text version and touch tone cordless."

When "this person" was given the news that the event was being postponed and that the hosts had attempted to try to contact them, "this person," immediately said that it's impossible the hosts called X amount of times, as "this person" was only tied up perhaps once, busy."

Strike One for this person. Undermining the host to the messenger. Not good, especially if it happens to be family.

Then "this person" proceeds to say, "well, it would have been nice if we could have found out sooner, I went to the store and bought them a card, if they would have told me sooner, I wouldn't have had to go to the store."

This person is not THE GRINCH.
But I fear this person's heart has started to stone over-and not in the herbal way, might I add.-

Except for when it's about them and mind you if there were such a thing as a "One Up Marathon," "this person," would win, hands down at anytime, about anything.
You talk about smelling Poop.
This person will figure out how to mention that "they walked in it."
Because everything hurts worse for them and is worse for them,
well, for "this person," that is.

This person plays the victim 24/7 and as respectful as any human may be, and should, after awhile you can see why "this person," is emotionally all alone.

That would make me sad for "this person." But I'm sure that everyone has one of those, "this persons," in their lives. If not has, then had.

What ended up happening to "this person" in your life?


Happyone :-) said...

This person must be a sad and lonely person. So sad when life is so good!!
I had a person in my life kind of like this but not as bad. It was hard but with prayer I changed my heart and attitude and didn't let this person bother me. I also told this person how I felt about certain things. I am happy to say that I now get along with this person so much better. :-)

austere said...

I can't handle toxic people. I blank them out.
I guess I've paid my dues long long ago.

adventure grrl said...

Crusty!!!! Ooooo, I finally found you! I just saw a sweet comment from you on my blog and I wanted to let you know I am back to blogging on 100 days in Bed. I hope you are great!

PS, your blog looks fabulous!

Cheryl said...

I don't have a 'this person' in my life. I know you can't get rid of yours. You can entertain us with stories. You can be so glad you're not her. You just have to pretend with her, and act breezy. That will get her goat!