Sunday, June 06, 2010


One of my own has a fear.
A fear that I only wish I could have.
He is terrified of going number 2.
Yes, I know there are books out there for that.
Yes, I know that I should inform his doctor, especially with the length of time it's been going on.

It took one bowel movement that was backed up and from that point, he has been terrified.
He doesn't have many fears, so when this came up, I knew how scared he must have been.
After all, he doesn't mind getting shots. Says that they're not scaring and they only hurt little.

I have informed the doctor.
I have removed the lactose.
I have made some dietary changes.
Yet his poor tushie remains red, because he holds it in.

He likes to be in charge. So I told him that he can go in a pull up or he can go on the toilet. Thinking, if he "thinks" he's in charge, it will ease the fear somewhat.


For a little guy that loves to be in charge and control, he sure is trying very hard to control the movements.

Yes, we've actually had to give him enemas as well.
(How much is he going to hate me someday? Sorry in advance, lil guy!)

So it's an interesting twist to the overall personality of his.
To be so afraid, that when his body can no longer hold it in for him, it is as if a child is watching themselves getting an IV and seeing blood, and getting their shots and being in the dark, and seeing the boogy monster, and hearing a huge Crack (hA!) of lightening and deafening sounds of thunder.

It's that challenging.
But, I approach it when that occurs as best as I can.
I lean forward so that he can hug me. In doing so, his body can't help but to release some of those muscles, "down there."

You know how the labor and delivery nurses sound as they encourage the 10cm dilated pushing mommy to be?
Yes, that's me.

"Come on, it's okay, just breathe. Okay, now push. PUSH! It's coming. I can see it. It's okay. PUSH! You're almost there. I see more! take a breath and push. Soon it'll be over and you'll feel so much better."

I really don't know what else to say.

But what I can tell you is that I am working every avenue possible.
That includes positive incentives
Reading Poopy fear books
Singing Poopy songs
Murelax (sp)
But with everything in young children, this is only a phase.
Not sleeping thru the night is only a phase.
This will pass soon and I can only imagine what's around the corner.

How's your fears?

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Cheryl said...

I have many a memory of my mother sitting on the edge of the bathtub talking me through. I could write a book on the subject. If you haven't been there (and you are there), it's hard to relate. It's what most people take for granted.