Wednesday, June 16, 2010


The day I'm supposed to be at work, and helping with the event we're having for the friend that has ALS, I'm in Edward's Hospital ER, being checked out for a blood clot.

Frustrating, but grateful it all came back clear. The only wah wah is that I need to have my heart looked at. The rate shouldn't be that high-consistantly high- which was one of the reasons they thought it was a P.E. That and the pain in my leftside near the ribs and lungs. As well as the blood work coming back showing the D-Dimer was .55. The norm and under is .45. Which means that there is inflammation somewhere within the body.

But, instead of being on bloodthinners, they're treating it as pleurisy. Nothing more, nothing less.
Not much else to say, so I'm being all "boohoo me, Peeing in a cup, what glee, what glee!!"

How are you?


KathyA said...

I'm good, thanks. Sorry you're suffering, though. Pleurisy can be quite painful!

Cheryl said...

I don't know what pleurisy is, but I'm so sorry you're suffering with a health issue. So unfair. Again. Darn. Keep us up to date, OK?

Happyone :-) said...

Oh I am sorry to hear you having more health problems. Hope your feeling better soon.
Me? I feel great and I thank God every day for my good health and pray to stay that way.

austere said...

Poor dear.. does it hurt a lot lot?
Take care then, and recoup soon.

Sending warm positive thoughts your way.

adventure grrl said...

Feel better Crusty!!!!!