Thursday, June 24, 2010


Dear Mr. Com-Ed,
I realize that with the storms we've had of late, you've been overworked, overwhelmed and without a lot of power to get you going. Your work to restore happy sweat free people around the Midwest area is not unnoticed, however, I am rather electrified by your poor organizational skills.

Explain to me Mr. C, how we can receive a bill sold from you, to a collection agency, HARRIS AND HARRIS, in the amount of $130 give or take for an old statement.

Explain to me Mr. C, how I can see a letter addressed to my husband, Brian, stating that there is an outstanding debt and he has the legal 30days to despite the claim, when the alleged debt is for the address he lived it in, oh, 1995?

((*insert comment from Bigdog himself: "you see? this is my mazel. I can't win the lotto, not even 20bucks, but I'll get a bill 12something years later. Just my usual mazel."))

Explain to me Mr. C, how there was never an attempt to collect on this debt, and you have had ample opportunity being that upon Brian's return from residing in Florida in May of 2005, he established utility service, and provided you with a social security #, that there was never any mention of this debt, until now.

It is a small amount, I do agree. But it's the principal. Now, if this was on his credit, it would be required by law, to be removed from his bureau within 7years. That's not the case here-yet.

How can you Mr. C, honestly think it's fair to have the customer service rep tell Brian that the reason for the length of time between unpaid and collection, is because somehow, "your account was lost and misplaced." For over 10 freakin years?

Someone concerned that you're spending money in the wrong areas within your company.
Your electricity can't spill within the seas of our world, but it can cause a dent by your poor attempts to try and collect on a bill well over 10 years old. Keep in mind you have breached many items pertaining to this. One such being the fact that you failed to advise Brian of the fact that there was an unpaid balance with you. You can't just send an old bill to a collection agency without first making attempts to obtain the balance from the customer. Or at least give the customer a chance to dispute the bill.
I smell a downed wire, this is crap.

Does anyone know how we can go about getting this taken care of? I am reporting this minor hiccup to our Illinois ATTNY General. Yes, I am stubborn, I refuse to pay this mainly for the fact that it's a joke they even tried to send this to us. Com-Ed didn't follow the regular process of bill collection, by first sending out the bill requests themselves. I refuse to spend $ on something such as this. I can't tell you guys how bad I wish I was able to call the collection agency and handle this myself. Alas, in 1995 Brian wasn't even in my world, nor I in his.

Come on , Com-Ed. Or should I say, CON-ED?


KathyA said...

Contact the state Public Service Commission or Public Utility Commission (not sure what it's called there).

Happyone :-) said...

When I saw you had one comment I just knew it was going to be Kathy and she would know what to do! :-)
Hope you get this straightened out soon.
Have a good Friday Elizabeth!

Martha said...

We had a similar situation when we moved, but it was an old doctor's bill for my husband--around 10 years old and long before I'd ever met him. Apparently it had something to do with the inquiries into our credit when we were buying our house and that's how they "magically" found this old balance. We just flat-out didn't pay it because the office never submitted the amount the health insurance company and he no longer had coverage with them.

Palm Springs Savant said...

I think Kathy had good advice. What a hassle tho, huh?