Friday, July 30, 2010


Things happen for reasons we just can't explain. Whether faith, instinct, luck, belief, or just because, things do happen.

Take yesterday for example;

The boys and I are on our way to see my Mom to pick up hamburger buns.

As we were approaching an intersection that was just about to turn red, I had a thought that popped into my head, remembering my car accident when a car turning left and heading eastbound, turned directly into my driverside as I was heading North, totaling my car and causing damage to my tissues, muscles and nerves along my leftside. For whatever reason, that image and thought popped in my head.

Perhaps because the intersection I was approaching is known for it's fatalities. Or perhaps because of the recent fundraiser we had for our friend, and everyone that was there, for many of them, they were able to catch up with my brother, Jim, and were amazed at his progress. Or perhaps because when our friend had the courage to speak, he explained how lucky he is to be able to say goodbye to his loved ones. Because some die tragically in car accidents.

I can't explain the reasons it popped into my head, but what I did, was I changed lanes. Instead of sitting behind the white dodge minivan, I sat alongside him.

I sat at our red light, to the right of the white minivan that was also going to be heading northbound. He was alongside me to my left, in the other lane. After the cars in the southbound intersection had their chance to head east by turning left at their left turn light, their light turned red.

Ours turned green to proceed thru the intersection.

In that same left turn lane, across the intersection a dump truck, along with 2 other cars behind it proceeded to continue to turn left, directly in front of me and the white minivan to my left.

I had a feeling, and for whatever reason, I hesitated longer then I usually do when a light turns green in our favor. I always pause and look because of my accident that I had, but this time, I paused longer, and then proceeded.

Yesterday my sons and I were a witness to a hit and run.
We weren't part of the accident.

The dump truck turned in front of us, the car behind it hit the white minivan and the car behind the Volvo that hit the white caravan, hit the Volvo.

The dump truck drove off, along with the Volvo, although there was obvious damage to the Volvo.

I'm grateful because yesterday I was reminded how awful it could have turned out to be. Had I proceeded at my normal speed, we would have been T-boned by the dump trunk, after the dump truck hit the white minivan and pushed it into the drivers side of our minivan.

The White Minivan, swerved when hit, away from us, so instead of hitting us after being hit, he was clipped again by the car behind the Volvo. Sparing us from damage.

You know I have fears of car accidents. That ever since becoming a parent I went from fun to fearful regarding motor vehicles. When I had my car accident in May of 2005, it made the fear better and worse. When it happened to my brother last May of 2009, game over.

Yet I'm grateful for that, because he was spared. He's still here. We're still here. Our minivan isn't out looking for directions on how to get to the junk yard.

Just a reminder to always go thru an intersection more cautiously, especially the larger ones, because for whatever reason, these morons continued to turn left on a red light.

Makes sense why that intersection is ranked high in fatalities.

What will never make sense is what was the hidden power that actually put the thought in my head that helped me move to the far right lane, instead of remaining behind the white minivan.
Had I stayed in that lane, I would have also been hit, like the car behind him did.

So a 4 car plus a dump truck was what we witnessed. Instead of it being a 5 car plus dump truck.

I hope they find the bastard that hit and ran..
In the meantime, remember, as hard as it might be to see it, it's far better then being it.

Drive Safe Please!
Don't add to my fears by being a reckless driver.
Be cautious and defensive.


Happyone :-) said...

I believe your guardian angel was watching out for you! :-)

KathyA said...

Good for you for listening to your instinct!