Wednesday, August 04, 2010


So, if you know someone with ALS.
Or have seen what it does to someone.
I'm sure you'll understand the importance of raising awareness for this fatal disease.
I've written about it many times.
Our young friend, that will be 30 on September the 18th, will walk 3 miles.
As his body slowly stops working.

On September the 18th the ALS walk will be held in Portage Michigan.
The same town that he lives in.

We would love it if you could make the journey and walk behind Brian, as his 'in the stands', fans.
For him.
For his wife.
For their little spunky girl.

But, we understand, how hard that is.
School is starting up.
Business, work, and your own health takes up so much time.
I understand.
But, if you'd like to donate to the ALS foundation, see the link just below:

Yes, the link just above here.
Have I confused you yet?
Hold on, I will eventually.

Any donation, would most definitely help this young family.
Their young daughter.
Their daily expenses.
Their wife.

If you'd rather send a donation to the family:
The Schnurstein Family ALS Fund
P.O. Box 1328
Portage, MI 49024

So, the ALS walk in Michigan this September.
(Brian Schnurstein)

I also must mention something amazing.
Brian, along with his entire family, continues to pay it forward. It's almost as if the more they are given, the more they enrich others. In food and words. In inspiration and strength. You name it.

He's always up to bat, prepared for strikes, but plans on hitting many home runs for as long as he is allowed to, by The Big Man Upstairs.
He doesn't quit the team.
Throw in the towel.
Sure he may yell at the Ump, wouldn't you?
There are many of us calling FOUL PLAY with this call.
He still hushes the stands, and walks to the plate, ready for whatever is about to come towards him, no matter how fast or tricky.

He doesn't give up.
He offers his hand.
His voice.
He donates to help other causes.

Amazing to me that this young man, instead of playing the victim, continues to give.

A true leader. A true Strength. A true graceful galloping horse.

In the meantime, take a look at the newspaper article that appeared prior to the golf outing, about him and his family, and his strength.
This appeared a few weeks ago in the paper:

If you'd like to learn more, join his team as we walk behind him as fans, or just donate to their cause, please go to this link:

Team Name: Brian's BullPen

Never once, has this family asked for help.
This is a community helping them.
The community did this for them.
They didn't ask for a thing.
Correction, they asked for just prayers.

They give, they don't ask.
How many people do you know that are like that?

A woman that will be raising her young daughter, someday a widow, and she continues to laugh, give and love the world.

If you do help them out, as they could use it, I am certain that they will appreciate your amazing generosity.
It takes so little to gain so much.

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KathyA said...

A good friend has ALS -- what an insidious disease it is!