Thursday, August 26, 2010

"Mom-E, True or False, Do Men Marry Men?..."

"Mom-E, true or false, Do Men Marry Men?.........."

That was the first question, word, sound that came out of Sullivan's mouth after getting off the school bus today. It's an easy assumption that he must have had some chatter with his fellow kindergartners* onboard the bus.

We sit down at the kitchen table, I set down his lunch and water for him, and without thinking about it too hard, I answer:

"Yes, Sully, they do, if they're allowed to, it depends where they live."
Sully: "WHY?"

"Because, it's what they decide to do. It's their heart, soul and path, and they are able to make their own decision on who they marry."
Sully: "Will you marry a girl, after you're done marrying dad, if he gets too old?"

"No, I'm going to be married to Dad until I die. It's my decision to stay married to him, and not stop marrying him, for someone else."
Sully: "Do you know any men that married men?"

"Yes, I do as a matter of fact."
Sully: "You do? Who are they?"

"They are some of my closest friends, and for some of your friends, maybe their Uncles, or Grandpas or Dad's." "I know girls that are married to girls, boys married to boys, and I am friends with them. There are rules that the world sets for us. Those rules come from all different directions. If you're big into science, there are rules for how that works, if you're big into religion, there are rules that you abide by, or try to for that matter." "In some of the things that make up this magical world, there are people that will say it's wrong. It doesn't matter why they believe it's wrong, you have to understand that people aren't all going to have the same ideas on it. Sort of like how even though there are video games rated PG13, a rule could be that unless you're 13, you can't watch it, but we bend the rules, if we think you're old enough to watch that movie."

(As you can imagine, by now, I've gone way to far."
"Why do you ask anyways, Sully?"
Sully: "oh because it's false, men don't marry men. But they like to watch I-Carly like you do, and they want to watch the new 'Fred' show, because Lucas has a funny way of talking."

Yet another "Sullism" strikes again.
*Yes, Sully is repeating Kindergarten. It works because we moved so far south, we're in a completely different county, and school district.

(As a side note, I did not post this, to start a biblical vs science vs opinion vs facts vs rules war. You believe what you want. You kiss who you want. I'll do the same. Some aren't able to respect that people are different. Which is fine. Not everyone can be like that. However, in this particular post, this was in no way any reference to what people should or shouldn't believe in. It was merely a conversation between a 6year old and his Mom. If you have kids, you'll totally get it. But the difference is, you know when to shut up, and I still haven't figured that out. I'm better off blogging.)


KathyA said...

Children learn what they live -- and you've taught him a great lesson in tolerance.

Martha said...

I think you explained it beautifully and sensibly to him. You've laid the foundation for him to be open-minded, tolerant and a critical thinker, too. Good for you!

Palm Springs Savant said...

That's tough one to explain, but you did it as well as I could have. It is interesting what kids ask. Someone once told me that children are born without hate, they learn it. So regardless of the topic, its important to teach open mindedness. Well done