Friday, November 05, 2010


How many of you are so tired of the candy that may be surrounding your cabinets/cupboards/pantries?

Or do you wish you had more of those yummy favorites from the past?
I'm sure it's a nice balance of both.

The funny part?

No matter how old I get, no matter what bag or means of storage it starts off in,
Halloween candy smells the exact same way that it did when I was Wonder Woman, with a pink pillowcase to hold my candy.

Flavors have changed. Heavens, even ingredients too! But no matter, the smell of Halloween is always the same, and for some reason, as hard as it is to say goodbye to Summer, it's a fantastic way to start the "purgatory" of Fall and Winter.

I hope you are all well, and I imagine this is a favorite time of year for Dentists and Oral Surgeons.

*yes that's a picture of Ben in his awesomely inexpensive Ninja costume. Was a Ninja the costume of choice for all the boys by you? Or perhaps, like us, we are all carefully watching the economy instead of the talking witch that flies when you walk by? So instead we steer them towards boy/man dress ups, that can also be used throughout the year, and for $7.88, you really can't beat that.

Especially when your youngest decides to be spiderman at the last minute. Stuffing himself in Jack's 6year old Spiderman Halloween costume. The ripped shoulders, frayed leggings, it's scary enough that I haven't tossed it yet. However, mix it with this costume from the image above, and a Pirate hat and you have the best cross dressing kid yet.

(at least in Mom-E's eyes)

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KathyA said...

It does smell the same -- but much of the candy is so much smaller!