Sunday, November 07, 2010

Not sure How to Title, "Crime."

Let me start by saying that this is nothing that has happened to me or my family, more a realization from reading the Police Blotter constantly.

Here's the thing I just realized tonight, and perhaps it's always been at the surface, but it's never been a "wait a second," thought. When I said it to Brian, it makes sense:

It seems that to bail out, the bond is always higher on drug crimes, then sexual assault crimes. Maybe it just seems more. Maybe I am more aware? Not the difference in statement and question.

For the most part, people that do drugs choose to do them. They choose to take the cocktail. They pay for the illegal heroin, crack, cocaine,..etc..They bring it in, distribute it and you opt to buy it.

In a sex crime act, for all guilty, the victim is NOT given a choice. They do not pay money for this. Prostitute is entirely different, to me, then sex offenders, and sex crimes.

It all boils down to whether you chose or someone took that value away from you in the most private and emotional way?

They should have bond right up with anyone on a 1st degree murder charge. Harsh, I know.
But what's the difference of what I say, vs what they get?

It scares me. At least lately. In the papers.
I know, I should, but again, what's wrong with some awareness. Is it better to be in the dark? Ugh.

I hope I haven't confused you because I've already managed to "confusion myself." To think that this is where I go to actually get out the right words and phrases on online paper..

With that I blame it all on the "fall back" hour change. It's killing my kids.
Today, up at 5:01am.

That doesn't include the recent rekindle Ben has experienced of Ho-Ho Nightmares.
It's been fun.

wanted on drug charges, then in this cirumstance(s), then for sex offenders. Or is it just my ignorance.

Do I have a problem with the crime? No. What bothers me is bond is set higher, almost everytime I


Happyone :-) said...

About the time change. I wish we would just leave the clocks alone!!

Cheryl said...

It's hard to believe that about bail. I wonder what the logic could be? I stopped my newspaper subscription, so I miss out on a lot of it. And I don't mind.

Anonymous said...

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