Saturday, November 20, 2010


How many of you are video game players?
How many of you are parents of video game players?
How do you feel about video games?
The kids that play them?
The games themselves?
How long is too long?
Is there a filter for ratings within your home?
Do you even go down that road?
*keep in mind, that when I say "video games," I mean games that can be played on the computer: (yes, webkinz does count), on facebook, on your cell phone, on your hand held portable game systems, and naturally the ones on TV.*

The "VIDEO GAME" topic within our home is a very sensitive one.
It causes more "discussions," then the topic of finances. Which I've been told is the most common argument between married couples, especially those that are raising children.

It's a virus within our house. Something that cannot be cured. One believes one way. The other something completely different. You say green boogers means virus, I say yellow boogers mean virus. The fact of the matter is, how can parents come to an agreement about video game playing? Especially if the two people have very different vantage points of the games and what they can do to children.

Do you think that playing video games for more then 20minutes is too short? How much is too much?

It's a volley of back and forth chatter:
"it's too violent....................
and that will eventually impact their behaviors............"

"it's been on too long.....................
and that will eventually impact their eye sight...."

"it's too easy to use as a way to get them out of your hair.............
and that will eventually lead them to believe that the best way to raise their own children someday is to turn on the video game systems to by the parents some time to, surf the website..."

There is conflicting opinions and for some of the researching I haven't discovered any "facts of true facts."

Yes, in our house the discussion of video games will cause far more disagreements vs how to manage our finances.

How do you come to a simple solution?
I have been told that the effects of too much video game playing aren't seen until many years later.

I wonder if I were to contact eye doctors from around the area, and ask them if they've seen an increase in children, (and whether it's higher in boys vs girls) with eye issues. Astigmatism. Farsightedness. Need to wear glasses although neither Mom or Dad had eye problems growing up.

Something tells me that if I were to research this some more, I might discover that there is an increase in eye disorders, and more boys are now wearing glasses, then girls.

Or is this particular topic just another example of just two people with different opinions due to many different aspects?
You tell me.


Happyone :-) said...

I have played video games but not recently. Too many other things for me to do.
My son played video games for HOURS when he was young. That said he also spent many hours outside playing too. He is 38 now and his eye sight is fine and has no ill effects from video games.
I think if kids do enough other things too then video games aren't bad.
All things in moderation!!
I think 20 minutes of video games at a time though is not enough. You're just getting started.

Cheryl said...

I've never been a gamer. Till I got my iPhone. When I get started on Angry Birds, I have a hard time stopping. It's so easy to say, just one more time...

This issue might be about more than how much time your kids are playing games. It's about control. It's about what they want and what you want. I was very controlling. I'm paying the price now. Just some food for thought.

KathyA said...

I do online and hard copy crossword puzzles, but that's about it. And our children are grown. As long as gaming isn't violent or obscene and doesn't interfere with homework and fresh air time, I think it's fine.