Friday, January 21, 2011


Turned 36 recently.
I know some of you are not there yet, some of you are beyond in.
For me, it's part of the new drop down category on those multiple choice
questionnaires and forms that ask you to "select the box within your age range":
I'm in Box 3. I think.
Not sure how I'll feel about Box 4.
But just happy to have 36.
Enjoying it and not trying to stress about tomorrow.

Boys are wonderful.
Bigdog and I just returned from a "Destination Date."
A few days away while kids stayed with Grandma and Grandpa and Aunt and Uncle and Cousins.
It was so nice to privately get away.
Not too many people knew about it-
but not for reasons with what you may think-

Our worlds are so exposed this day and age.
Some by choice, others, not so much.

So it felt good to go the way of minimal exposure.
It felt good to just have some quiet moments on our own.

It doesn't have to be a big deal.
It just felt "nice."
To escape but miss being home and experiencing what has been explained as:
Ying and Yang.

It balances. So it works for everyone.
Even boys had a wonderful time away.
New experiences for us all.

The only one to suffer the most?
Our poor Marina.
We hired a dog sitter that lives close by. She'd spend 1hour per paid visit.
My sister and Brother in law also helped out.

We returned home and her face looks like it was beat up.
She was having an anxiety attack.
Welts all over her legs.
You'd think she had been bitten by Army Ants or something.

Her eye swollen and just looking all jacked up.

2 benedryl's later and amoxcillian for dogs,
she was fine.
The next morning.

Apparently it's separation anxiety.
Or "Hivin' Out."

Good thing is that Marina didn't need boarding, and as much as it must have been tough-when she was alone-when someone was here, she received 100% attention. The dog sitter even warmed up Marina's food with water in the microwave, but she fed Marina with a big spoon, on our couch.

Doesn't bother me.
What I mean is that it's okay for her to have been spoiled.
She deserves fun as well!
Only problem was when it came time for any of them to leave.
Too painful for her.

But, by the next morning, as I mentioned, she was fine.**

How are you?

* we recently became foster parents to two puppies. The boys named them Kitara and Zucko.
They are 13weeks and "ARF" rescued them from a High Kill Shelter in Kentucky.
I love "ARF!" We adopted Marina there. As you can tell, despite her codependent issues, she is truly Some amazing Little Girl! More about fostering the two puppies some other time.

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Happyone :-) said...

Happy belated Birthday! I don't even want to think about the number mine is going to be in May!!
Things fine here except I miss warm weather!

KathyA said...

Happy Birthday! Thirty six was a great year for me. Enjoy it!