Wednesday, February 23, 2011


I received a handwritten thank you note the other day from a very large company. This company was responsible (online) for sending me my husband's birthday present; slippers.

I have never, seen a handwritten letter, by two agents I spoke to, besides ones we'd send out from the old phone company, Ameritech. (Remember? That's where I met Bigdog?)

Anyhow, I was shocked. I felt like carrying it around and bragging about it. It's the smallest thought, but for me, one surprisingly big reaction.

Good to know there is "Real" in big online companies.

What has a company done for you lately that made you smile? No need to share the company name, unless you want to.

(*this isn't any sort of paid promotion, BTW!!*)


KathyA said...

After emailing Dansko complaining that the shoes I had ordered (advertised the day before) were, according to the shoe store, 'discontinued' they wrote back and told me they weren't discontinued, but out of stock, BUT they had contacted Zappos who had a pair in my size.

Palm Springs Savant said...

Say, that is unusual! I have always thought the art of hand-written notes to be of a dying breed.