Wednesday, February 09, 2011


But for some, it would be a maybe.
It's a good life, and then you find out your dying.
It still can be a good life, but are you prepared when you find out it's someone you love?
Or if your loved ones find out, its you?

This is someones son.

He is someone our family has had the opportunity to watch grow up alongside our brothers. On the baseball field, and football field, and many other occasions that we were all together having a wonderful time.

Nowhere did any of us ever imagine that we'd be sharing more time with our friends, because their son has ALS.

The golf outing and private auction was a success, this past Summer.
Yes, there will be another one and I am certain even bigger then last years!

Please remember people that have illnesses that you only know initials too.

The tragedy is in the lack of resources, in order to save this young man.
So that one day he will see his daughter down the aisle.
Right now, he's grateful that he's seen her take her first steps in life.

Remember to Know more about issues like this.
Be aware of these diseases, and I pray that you'll never be as close to someone, or know someone that has been given this clock ticking finish.
This isn't the first person we've heard of.
It's just been the first one we've known, so young.

What can you do to help make it easier?


Palm Springs Savant said...

Last year my company started raising money for ALS with an annual celebrity softball game. I had the chance to learn more about it and it blew my mind. I'm so happy we are doing our 2nd annual ALS benefit game this year. Its just one of those diseases that needs more help and attention.

Moohaa said...

I love your compassion and passion for those whose stories need to be told.

Miss you, my waterfall friend.